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bridgetandjulieDuring National Suicide Prevention Week, Red Bank Regional students Bridget Kelly and Julie Coker engaged their peers with a small gesture of distributing Life Savers candies wrapped with the number for the National Suicide Prevention Hot Line.

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

During the second week of September, which is designated as National Suicide Prevention Week, students from Red Bank Regional High School were engaged in furthering awareness on what is the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 15 and 24.

Bridget Kelly, an RBR senior and athlete on RBR’s running teams, was recently shocked when a talented runner she used to compete against, committed suicide at the elite Ivy League university she was attending.

“This is the age when people are so vulnerable and may become susceptible to thoughts of suicide,” Bridget explains. “I wanted to do something to further awareness during this week.” Bridget’s simple but brilliant idea was to distribute Life Savers® candies to her peers during their lunch period. The candies were packaged in wrappers that read “Be a life saver, call 1-800- 273 TALK (8255);” a reference to the National Suicide Prevention Hot Line number.

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RBR acad athletesRBR celebrates its Academic Athletes, who earned a coveted Varsity letter for achieving an A in every subject from the preceding year. RBR awards these letters in the traditional of how schools celebrate athletic excellence.

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

Brain muscle and hard work earns Red Bank Regional High School’s top academic achievers their very own varsity letter to sew on a varsity jacket.  The tradition began many years ago, when the school district sought to encourage and honor academic excellence the same way it honors its top athletic achievements — with a varsity letter.

At a recent Board meeting, RBR Guidance Supervisor, Dawn Kazsuba told a packed audience of proud parents, “In order to earn an Academic Varsity letter, students must maintain a straight A in every marking period of the preceding year. Any one of these students will tell you that is not an easy task. It requires hours and hours of study, preparation and dedication.”

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