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sb christie 3 102913Governor Chris Christie in Sea Bright in October, 2013, above, and state Senator Jen Beck in Red Bank last May. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


jen beck 050115Three days after he vetoed a bill that would have prevented convicted carjackers, gang members and other felons from legally obtaining guns, Governor Chris Christie has said why: it’s “dopey,” he claimed, according to a report by the Record, of Bergen County.

The bill, co-sponsored by Red Bank resident and state Senator Jen Beck, is evidence of “stupid stuff” elected officials do to impress their constituents, Christie said at a campaign event Thursday in New Hampshire, where he’s competing in the Republican presidential primary.

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rbcs 121515 2The charter school campus on Oakland Street, above, abuts a commercial building on Oakland Street in which the school recently leased space for current and possible future use. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


HOT-TOPIC_03State Senator Jennifer Beck has asked the New Jersey education department to either fully fund Red Bank’s public schools or reject a proposed doubling of enrollment at the Red Bank Charter School.

In a letter sent to Commissioner David Hespe Governor Chris Christie on Friday, Beck says that allowing the charter school expansion to go ahead without a commensurate increase in funding for the district would “require Red Bank taxpayers to absorb an enormous tax increase and potentially leave public school students with less educational opportunities.”

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beck-010310-4Republican state Senator Jennifer Beck, left, got a fair amount of media attention over the weekend for her campaign to purge laws of outdated and sexist treatment of women.

The Red Bank legislator, along with state Senator Lorretta Weinberg of Bergen County, was spotlighted Sunday in the same article run by both the Newark Star-Ledger and the Record of Hackensack for proposed legislation that would strike from the books “antiquated and at times demeaning references to women.”

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beck-010310-41dupont-election2009-2State Senator Jennifer Beck’s refusal to back Red Bank’s request for special treatment in Trenton has drawn fire from local Democrats led by Councilman Mike Dupont.

Red Bank’s all-Democrat council wanted local legislators in their corner recently when they appealed to new Governor Chris Christie for special consideration as he sharpened his budget-cutting knives.

But state Senator Jennifer Beck and her two 12th-district Assembly colleagues, Caroline Casagrande and Declan O’Scanlon, all Republicans like Christie, said quite publicly that borough officials haven’t done enough to merit special treatment in Trenton.

That did not sit well at borough hall. Yesterday, the council Dems (not including Mayor Pasquale Menna) went on the offensive with a letter sent to the GOP three and circulated to reporters.

“You refuse to advocate for the residents of Red Bank with the newly elected Governor to mitigate the hardship Red Bank is experiencing due to the high number of non-profit and tax exempt organizations in our Borough,” says the letter, signed by Councilman Mike DuPont, with apparent endorsement (but no signatures) of councilmembers Art Murphy, Sharon Lee, Kathy Horgan, Juania Lewis and Ed Zipprich.

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J_beck_on_tv_110607State Senator Jennifer Beck is about to add a new line or two to her résumé.

Twelfth-district state Senator Jennifer Beck has been awarded a fellowship by the Aspen Institute, where elected officials study the values and principles underlying democracy, the think tank announced last week.

Meantime, the Asbury Park Press has a feature story today about an Ocean County resident’s web efforts to get the Republican party to nominate the first-termer from Red Bank as its candidate for the post of lieutenant governor, a job that takes effect in little more than a year.

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More than 100 area residents turned out last night at Mahala F. Atchison Elementary School in Tinton Falls last night for a discussion on Gov. Jon Corzine’s effort to balance the state budge using steep toll-road fare increases, today’s Asbury Park Press reports.


State Sen. Jennifer Beck of Red Bank and Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon of Little Silver, both Republicans, organized the event and presented an alternative plan to Corzine’s, which one poll out this week shows has generated widespread opposition. (Democrat Sen. Raymond Lesniak tells the Star-Ledger today that the plan “is dead as we know it.” And Cozine says he’s willing to consider the first detailed alternative to his plan, offered by Assembly Transportation Committee Chairman John Wisniewski.)

From the Press:

Veronica Cozzi, a borough resident, wanted to know why the state couldn’t sell New Jersey’s horse racing tracks to private corporations. And Christopher Cast, also a borough resident, just wanted to know how he could continue to drive 40,000 miles a year on New Jersey’s toll roads without going broke trying to make a living.

Beck and O’Scanlon said they have a solution: no increase in the state budget this year, make cuts in future budgets and restructure the way government business is done.

“If we do these three things, we think, we’re going to come real close to solving our problems,” O’Scanlon said.

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State Senator Jennifer Beck will set up a 12th-district legislative office at 32 Monmouth Street, the former Red Bank Borough Hall building (or, one of them, that is) that now houses surfwear retailer Stokaboka at street level, today’s Asbury Park Press reports.

Beck will share the space with freshman Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon of Little Silver, one of her Republican running mates in the 2007 elections. The third member of their slate, Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande, will hold down the fort in an office in Freehold, the Press reports.

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J_beck_on_tv_110607State Senator-elect Jennifer Beck on election night last month.

Spending on this year’s legislative races blew past the old record set in 2003 by 21 percent, today’s Star-Ledger reports, with one in four races costing more than $1 million.

And our very own 12th-district contest, to the surprise of no one who followed it, was far and away the biggest churner of cash. From the Ledger:

As expected, the most hotly contested race in the fight for 120 legislative seats drew the biggest bucks: the 12th Legislative District showdown, in which Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) ousted incumbent Sen. Ellen Karcher (D-Monmouth). The two parties spent a combined $5.9 million, making it the second most expensive legislative race ever, behind the $6.1 million clash won by 3rd District Democrats in 2003.

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J_beck_on_tv_110607State Senator-elect Jennifer Beck is now in the spotlight statewide, pundits say.

‘Ridiculously outspent’ and yet victorious in Tuesday’s election, state Senator-elect Jennifer Beck of Red Bank is now — wait for it — a GOP pol to watch for higher office, today’s Star-Ledger reports.

One pundit is even forecasting two decades into the Beckian future.

“You’d have to say she’s one of the rising stars in the Republican Party, without a doubt,” said Joseph Marbach, chairman of the political science department at Seton Hall University.

“Jennifer Beck is going to be someone you’re going to hear a lot about in the next 20 years,” Republican State Chairman Tom Wilson said. “I don’t think you could rule out seeing her as a statewide candidate some day. I don’t think you could rule out seeing her as a congressional candidate some day.”

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Red Bank Republican Jennifer Beck trounced incumbent state Senator Ellen Karcher at the polls yesterday, despite having been outspent more than fivefold in a campaign widely noted for its bitterness.


In bootstrapping herself to the Senate, Beck helped secure Assembly wins for Little Silver Councilman Declan O’Scanlon and Caroline Casagrande of Marlboro. They ousted incumbent Mike Panter of Shrewsbury and denied Amy Panter of Fair Haven Beck’s seat in the lower chamber.

“I never thought we’d get a sweep,” Rumson Mayor John Ekdahl told redbankgreen early this morning at a GOP bash at the Dublin House. He said the win came about because “Karcher went negative too early and poured in a lot of money to stay negative at the end. Voters get turned off by that. She stayed negative too long.”

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Another day, another mailboxful of slime.

Today’s delivery includes the same attack-and-counterattack voters (and, presumably, ex-voters) have gotten accustomed to in recent weeks. But one item in particular stands out not only from today’s load, but from much of what’s preceded it.

It’s a flier from the New Jersey Democratic State Committee. On the cover is what appears to be a mugshot of substance-abusing starlet Lindsay Lohan, looking as though she just went bobbing for apples in a piranha tank while stoned, and a headshot of Paris Hilton looking, well, not as bad.


Answer: Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck.

“Jennifer Beck: Her driving record is criminal,” it reads, just like that, with the word ‘criminal’ in bold.

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Though vastly outspent in her race with incumbent Ellen Karcher for the 12th-district state Senate seat, Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck today landed a major plum: the endorsement of the state’s largest newspaper.

The Star-Ledger, while noting that the race race “has deteriorated into an exchange of distorted facts used for personal attacks” by both candidates, says the Red Bank Republican is “passionate” while Karcher is has been a sponsor of “halfway” reform measures in her first term.

From the editorial:

On Tuesday, voters in the 12th District will confront a difficult choice. Our advice is to go with Beck.

In her time in the Legislature, Beck has shown herself to be a bright, articulate legislator who is passionate about representing the interests of her constituents. With the state about to devise a new school aid formula, Beck has thrown herself into the issue, absorbing information and demonstrating a determination that needy students in her district will not be shortchanged.

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Today’s Asbury Park Press has a story on Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck’s three license suspensions, which have been publicized by her opponent for the 12th-district state Senate seat, incumbent Ellen Karcher.

The most recent suspension was in 1995, and Beck hasn’t had a moving violation ticket issued to her since 1996, a state DMV spokesman told the Press.

The Press’ Larry Higgs reports that Beck “had her driver’s license suspended three times for failure to appear in court to answer three traffic tickets, twice for a parking ticket and for failure to pay a surcharge, in the mid-1990s.”


Beck’s license was suspended by the courts twice in 1994 and once in 1995 for failure to appear, said Michael Horan, an MVC spokesman.

Beck said that at the time she had just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and moved to New Jersey. In the course of several moves, Beck said she lost track of the summonses and it took time for court notices to reach her, resulting in the license suspensions.

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It appears that Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck of Red Bank, in attacking 12th-district Senate opponent Ellen Karcher over Karcher’s use of a state farmland assessment program, has put herself at odds with one of her own backers: Judith Stanley Coleman.

Today’s Asbury Park Press has that story, along with another that says the Beck v. Karcher mudfest is on track to become the costliest legislative race in New Jersey history.

As part of a package of stories on the farmland assessment, Press reporter James W. Prado Roberts says that Beck’s attack on Karcher for taking a farmland deduction on her Marlboro property “broadsided a long-time supporter.”

Monmouth County Republican Party matriarch Judith H. Stanley Coleman has a similar tax break on the scenic tract surrounding her home on the Navesink River in Middletown.

For at least 10 years, Stanley Coleman has raised bees on 5.4 acres surrounding her house. This year she sold 540 pounds of honey and wax at $1 per pound. In return, she pays $125 a year in taxes on that parcel. (She did pay $47,820 in taxes last year on her house and an acre surrounding it.)

The Press reports that Stanley Coleman has held fundraisers for Beck on the estate. In fact, one was scheduled last Thursday, but Beck canceled it because of her position on the bee farm tax assessment, Stanley Coleman told the newspaper.

Beck denied that was the reason, saying she recently held three fundraisers, and her campaign couldn’t arrange the logistics.

“I just made a judgment call,” Beck said. “It didn’t have anything to do with that.”

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The race for 12th-district Senate seat continues to get more attention for the accusations flung back and forth between incumbent Ellen Karcher of Marlboro and Red Bank Republican Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck than for any other aspect.

In today’s Star-Ledger, political columnist Tom Moran ponders the “irony” of two women he says are widely respected in and around the statehouse trading constant, personal fire in the race.

From the column:

Both these women are known in Trenton as decent people. Spend time with either of them, and you come away confident that they have the public interest at heart.

And that brings us to the big irony in this race — each woman is accusing the other of being the perfect sleazeball.

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The latest point of conflict in the 12th-district Senate race between incumbent Democrat Ellen Karcher and Republican Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck involves Christmas trees.

Karcher says she grows them on her Marlboro farm, and sells a a half-dozen a year, plus some cordwood — enough to qualify for a coveted farmland assessment on the 8.7-acre property.

Beck wants to know if Karcher in fact qualifies for the assessment, given the meager sales, and why she hasn’t previously disclosed any income from her farm.

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PoliticsNJ has coverage today of yesterday’s debate between 12th-district Senator Ellen Karcher, a Democrat, and her GOP challenger, Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck, at the Monmouth Reform Temple in Tinton Falls.


Writer Max Pizarro has this scene-setter:

The place was standing room only, with the rest of the state of New Jersey weighing on the District 12 event like a psychic mother lode. The majority Dems figure the map works in their favor until 2011, when redistricting occurs, and with sufficiently safe districts elsewhere, they’ve essentially conceded the neighboring 11th, 14th and 13th strongholds – to throw their money into this one-time Republican lock district, where Karcher must get through the tenacious Beck.

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Mayor Pasquale Menna, a lifelong liberal Democrat, has merged his one-man legal practice into a three-lawyer partnership that includes Republican Caroline Casagrande.

Yes, that Caroline Casagrande, who’s running for a 12th-district Assembly seat on the same ticket as state Senate hopeful, Assemblywoman and former Red Bank Councilwoman Jennifer Beck.

The new firm, called Menna, Supko & Casagrande , also includes Michael P. Supko, Jr., from the Red Bank office of Gluck Walrath, co-headed by former Fair Haven Councilman Chris Walrath. Casagrande comes from the Matawan firm of Cleary, Alfieri, Jones & Hoyle.

The threesome set up shop at 167 Avenue of the Commons in Shrewsbury last Friday. Menna’s former office was in the onetime Sun Bank branch opposite the post office on Broad Street in Red Bank.

Partnering with the opposition? Moving out of Red Bank? What on earth?

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The 12th-District Senate race between incumbent Democrat Ellen Karcher and Republican Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck, already framed by both sides as a contest over which candidate is the most committed to ethics reforms in Trenton, got personal yesterday.

Karcher accused Beck, of Red Bank, of violating ethics rules by using state letterhead and other trappings of office for political purposes within 90 days of an election.


The complaint concerns a letter written on Beck’s legislative stationery to residents of Seabrook Village in Tinton Falls. It highlights Beck’s opposition to a plan by the Navy to allow some 300 civilian families to occupy military housing at the Naval Weapons Station Earle, and refers readers to “our online petition” expressing opposition to the plan.

The website location of the petition — — is prominently marked as “Sponsored by Beck for Senate and O’Scanlon and Casagrande for Assembly,” referring to Beck ticketmates Declan O’Scanlon of Little Silver and Caroline Casagrande of Colts Neck.

In letters sent yesterday to the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Ethical Standards and the state Election Law Enforcement Commission, Karcher asks for investigations into whether state legislative funds were improperly used for campaign purposes. She contends the letter was sent out in August, within the 90-day moratorium.

From the news blog PoliticsNJ:

Beck responded that the complaint was “frivolous,” and that she never mailed the letter. Instead, she handed it out during a visit to Seabrook Village, a senior living center in Tinton Falls. Beck said that handing out the letter did not violate the “spirit or letter of the law.”

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Twelfth-district state Assemblywoman and Red Bank resident Jennifer Beck has asked Attorney General Anne Milgram to speed up the scheduled hearing on whether the borough can shut down Best Liquors over a series of sales infractions.

“March of 2008 is entirely too long for the Borough of Red Bank to wait to see if the revocation of Best Liquors’ liquor license is upheld,” Beck says in a press release that announces a letter she sent to the AG. “Red Bank’s quality of life continues to suffer as Best Liquors has been permitted to stay open pending the outcome of their appeal.”

Here’s the letter: Download BeckMilgram83007.

It’s also addressed to Jerry Fischer, director of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control division, the agency that this week set a March 5, 2008 hearing date on the appeal by Best Liquors to halt the shutdown.

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After just a year in Trenton, Red Bank’s Jennifer Beck has announced she’ll try to leap from the Assembly to the state Senate in November.


According to a story in the Asbury Park Press, Beck said she’ll run for the 12th District seat now held by Sen. Ellen Karcher.

The Press reports that Beck announced her intent in a letter Monday to Monmouth County GOP chairman Adam Puharic a few days ahead of a Feb. 1 deadline with the county committee.

From the story:

In her letter, Beck cites a lack of leadership on the Senate side in the past year on several important issues to the district and the state, including school funding and busing; State law 1701 which restricts local school district spending; disposition of the Marlboro Psychatric Hospital property; improving exit 8 on the NJ Turnpike; and the Fair Haven cell tower land swap before the department of Environmental Protection.

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A Democratic state legislator is calling for a criminal investigation into whether Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck improperly lobbied the state Lottery Commission on behalf of a contractor at a time that she was employed by a firm doing public relations work for the commission, the Asbury Park Press reports today.


At issue is the purported role that Beck played when lottery operator GTech won a five-year contract in August 2005 to run the lottery with a $106.7 million bid, despite a bid from contender Scientific Games that might have cost the state just $75 million.

The request for an investigation was made by letter to the state Division of Criminal Justice on Sept. 29 by Assemblyman Reed Gusciora of Mercer County.

Beck, of Red Bank, told the Press that she never lobbied for the contract in question, and left the lobbying firm, MWW Group, nine months before the contract was awarded. Beck now works for QualCare Inc. in Piscataway, a health maintenance organization owned by New Jersey hospitals.

“Reed should really do his homework,” Beck told the Press. “I had been gone from MWW for almost a year at the time the GTech contract was awarded. These are the same deceptive tactics that they used against me during the campaign last year.”

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Beck_mccainCindy McCain, right, wife of GOP presidential contender Sen. John McCain, arrives for lunch this afternoon at the Broadway Diner on Monmouth Street, accompanied by state Sen. Jennifer Beck.

McCain was coming from a fundraiser in Rumson. She and her husband are scheduled to appear at a dinner tonight in Teaneck.

The diner’s packed, we’re told, with state and local Republican figures, including Councilwoman Grace Cangemi.

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MennabeckState Senator Jennifer Beck and Mayor Pasquale Menna after Red Bank’s government reorganization meeting last week.

Her last two jobs, as a lobbyist and executive at a health insurance company, were used as cudgels against her by her opponent in the 12th district state Senate race.

But now that she’s been elected, Republican state Senator Jennifer Beck has opted not to go back to work at Qualcare Inc., the health maintenance organization from which she took a sabbatical last March.

Problem is, with a house in Red Bank to maintain and other expenses, Beck says she can’t make it on the $49,000 salary of a state legislator (it’s the same for both the Assembly and the Senate).

So while she took office today, Beck was also looking for a job. And that means navigating not only conflicts of interest, but anything that might look like one, she tells redbankgreen.

“It’s an interesting dynamic right now,” she says. “Any newly elected official, because of all the negativity in politics, is being exceptionally careful about the work they do to support themselves professionally — to make sure that there isn’t not only a conflict of interest, but an appearance of a conflict.”

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Today’s Star-Ledger drops in for a look at the “she slurps her soup”/”she kicks puppies” rhetoric in the 12th-district state Senate contest between incumbent Ellen Karcher of Marlboro and Red Bank Republican Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck.


From the article:

In the 12th Legislative District, which has seen one corrupt official after another hauled off to jail, touting one’s ethics while disparaging one’s opponent’s is the order of the day.

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