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Fans waited in line as long as 10 hours with Kevin Smith books, films and artwork to be signed by their hero. Below, actor Jason Mewes, trailed by a video crew.  (Photos by Stacie Fanelli. Click to enlarge.)


North on Broad Street, around the bend at Mechanic, sharp right into an alley, past the “end of line” sign and back around again. That’s the route hundreds of fans took Sunday, inches at a time, as they waited in line to meet director Kevin Smith.

Some came from down the block, others from up to five hours away – all to spend maybe 60 seconds with the Highlands native and owner of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in downtown Red Bank. The store is such a haven for comic book fans that it is the focal point of AMC’s reality show “Comic Book Men,” for which Smith’s appearance was a part.

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Secret stash
Fans gather at the Stash for a 2006 appearance by Kevin Smith.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is closing the Los Angeles version of the Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash store, according to reports.

As reported on News Askew, the official organ of Smith's film / comic book / toy marketing empire, the shop is falling victim to the "tough economy." [Update: The item, which was available on the News Askew site early Tuesday morning, appears to have been subsequently removed.]

There's no word at this hour on the outlook for the Red Bank original at 35 Broad Street. Blogger Peter Sciretta, who first reported the closing of the LA store on /film, says the Red Bank store is "still going strong" after a decade of operation.

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Coming off a 13-hour marathon that had him signing geek memorabilia almost until dawn at his Broad Street comic book store, filmmaker Kevin Smith entertained 2,000 fans in Marine Park last night with a mixture of endless approachability and profanity.

Local politicians, including Mayor Ed McKenna and mayoral candidate Pat Menna, all but kissed Smith at the start of his open-air Q&A and rocked with laughter at his early answers. But they grew increasingly rigid of jowl and then vanished from stage right as the director of the recently-released ‘Clerks II’ worked his way through an hour of audience questions with dozens if not hundreds of graphic references to sex.

Until a host finally interceded, many of the questions came from self-described aspiring filmmakers asking for jobs, advice or an opportunity to have picture taken with Smith. Increasingly, such requests elicited groans from the audience.

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Filmmaker Kevin Smith signed autographs this afternoon at Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, the comic book store he owns on Broad Street.

Tomorrow night, he’s scheduled to answer questions from the audience at an open-air screening of his breakthrough film, ‘Clerks,’ in Marine Park.


redbankgreen did a mini Q&A with a chain-smoking Smith before throngs of fans—who lined up from Broad Street to the firehouse on Mechanic Street—were allowed into the store.

redbankgreen: What’s the one question you don’t want to hear tomorrow night?

Smith: ‘How much do you weigh?’ That’s never a fun one.

redbankgreen: How much do you weigh?

Smith: Too much.

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shovelingA man tackled the heavy snow at the corner of Harding Road…

Red Bank’s main business thoroughfare was all but shut down by midafternoon Thursday by the third major storm to hit the region this month.

But as always, there were signs of life. Click ahead for some more pix of what redbankgreen saw on a walk down Broad Street.

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Feet First opens on Monmouth Street, having skated across the Navesink from Middletown. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


retail churn smallIn this edition of redbankgreen‘s Retail Churn: a skateboard shop rolls into downtown Red Bank, a comic book shop relocates, and the pandemic economy claims another handful of stores.

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red bank red rock Red Rock Tap + Grill will be permitted to enclose some of its rooftop seasonally and make other site changes. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)


Red Rock Tap + Grill can convert some of its rooftop space to year-round dining under a decision by Red Bank’s planning board Monday night.

Also, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash can keep its splashy, ordinance-breaking window treatment, the board ruled.

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rb indie film mural 070416A mural on Monmouth Street near Maple Avenue touts the five-day Indie Street Film Festival, which flickers to life Wednesday. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)

indie street logo 2For the first time since 2007, Red Bank will swarm with screening maniacs this week as independent films, filmmakers and cinephiles invade the downtown — and one or two nearby outposts.

Encompassing nearly 100 feature-length and short films, four screening venues and a handful of bars and restaurants, the five-day Indie Street Film Festival kicks off Wednesday, promising to liven up a post-Independence Day interval when the borough traditionally slips into an early doldrums.

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rb batman 081414 6rb batman 081414 2Spoiler alert for fans of the cable show ‘Comic Book Men,’ shot in and around Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash on Broad Street in Red Bank: a future episode will feature a race between the Batmobile and the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty, shot Thursday afternoon on Bridge Avenue in Gotham Red Bank.

And who was riding shotgun for a faux Batman? None other than onetime Batman portrayer Adam West himself, now 85 years old. Andres Verde of Red Bank, above, got a selfie with West, following one take of the low-speed race. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


alanis.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxSerial Grammy winner Alanis Morisette returns to the greater Green this Sunday, for an unplugged concert at the Count’s place.

To music fans that have helped her move more than 60 million units of sales worldwide — at least half of them via her 1995 blockbuster Jagged Little PillAlanis Morissette is the multiple Grammy winner (and onetime Canadian teen-pop star) who exploded onto the alt-rock landscape with “You Oughta Know;” who duetted in short order with everyone from Ringo Starr to Tricky, and who more or less taught us a new meaning of the word “Ironic.”

To Red Bankers — or at least those borough-based viewers of the Kevin Smith askewniverse — Alanis Morisette is nothing less than God, the supreme being that she portrayed for the last act of Smith’s controversial 1999 epic Dogma. On the evening of Sunday, July 27, God herself returns to  Red Bank for an “intimate and acoustic” sermonette on the stage of the greater Green’s most glittering cathedral of entertainment, the Count Basie Theatre.

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Reunited once more for their most ambitious tour in over 25 years, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong take it to the boards of the Count Basie on May 1 for an evening of  mirth, music and munchie-inducing classic routines.


Is this any way to observe 420 Day? If you’re the elder stoner statesmen Cheech and Chong, you’ve spent that nationwide celebration of cannabis culture in seemingly uncharacteristic fashion —  up before the sun, doing tightly scheduled rounds of press, and interfacing with fans on social media platforms that range from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and everything short of Christian Mingle.

Truth be told, Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong have a collective work ethic that’s seen them embrace new tech, new formats and new channels of distribution almost as fast as they’re dreamed up — and, with their first big tour in over 25 years now underway, the Grammy-winning kings of most media have a lot of lost time to make up.

On Wednesday, Cheech and Chong’s Third Reunion Tour finds the gold-plated “cult” stars of stage, screen and stereos heading into Red Bank for an 8 pm appearance at the Count Basie Theatre in which the pair recreate many of the classic, bongwater-basted sketch routines from their smash comedy records of the 1970s — a post-Woodstock era that routinely saw single releases like “Basketball Jones,” “Earache My Eye” and “Sister Mary Elephant” crashing the Top 40 charts (and causing as much angst among radio programmers as among parents of the nation’s easily corrupted youth).

It’s a debut for the duo, in the borough that claims a couple of their spiritual offspring — Jay and Silent Bob — as “homegrown” favorites. It’s also a chance for the veteran comedy team to promote the first new Cheech and Chong project in a generation — the soundtrack to the feature-length Cheech and Chongs Animated Movie!, with nine all-new songs augmenting a cartoonified collection of vintage vignettes from such discs as Cheech & Chong’s Wedding Album, Los Cochinos, and Big Bambu (coincidentally, Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie! kicked off its tour of screenings and podcasts on 4/20).

With Marin having stretched his mainstream chops in recent years (through projects that ranged from playing cops on network TV series to producing a series of children’s music albums) — and with Chong’s intermittent screen appearances overshadowed by a controversial 2003 federal prison sentence (documented in detail here) for selling drug paraphernalia online — the stock characters of the street-savvy Chicano and the eternal hippie look to take on new dimensions of time and tide and life experience.

4/20 came and went without a scheduled phone interview — but an apologetic Chong called the Comedy Desk at redbankgreen the following evening to bring us up to date. Flip the record over for more, man…

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secret-stashThe Broad Street store will serve as the setting for an unscripted series. (Click to enlarge)

From ‘Jersey Shore‘ to ‘Jersey Store,’ the reality TV juggernaut continues…

Kevin Smith‘s Red Bank emporium, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, a magnet for comic book fans and camera-toting devotees of the filmmaker himself, has been greenlighted as the locus of an unscripted series.

Six one-hour episodes of the show, with working title “Secret Stash,” have been ordered by AMC, home of ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Breaking Bad‘ and ‘The Walking Dead,’ according to a post on Smith’s Silent Bob Speaks website.

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secret-stashFilmmaker Kevin Smith is casting a pilot show about comic-book fandom this week at his Broad Street comics and memorabilia store. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)\


Kevin Smith seems to have a Brett Favre-y way of retiring — sans allegations of creepy text messages.smith2006

The cult hero/director/producer/author/schmoozer and SModcaster, who announced earlier this year he’s bowing out of the film scene, isn’t completely leaving the entertainment world.

Smith’s next venture is reality TV  and he’s looking “for real people who live and breath (sic) the comic book lifestyle. Must be funny outgoing and have a knowledge and passion for comics, superheroes, movie memorabilia and everything that goes with it.”

In other words, he’s looking for people a lot like himself.

Smith is set to produce a pilot show billed as a sort of “Pawn Stars for fanboys” at his Red Bank comic and memorabilia Mecca, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.

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calicoCalico, the iconic “evil clown” of Middletown, celebrated its 55th birthday Tuesday. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


At 22-feet tall and 10-feet wide, it has withstood the test of time, surviving fire, a potential sale of its home and a near ousting by a major development project. It’s been featured on the Tonight Show, in Weird NJ and Kevin Smith’s Clerks II, and draws fans from all over the state to gawk at its creepy grin, shoot tribute videos and set up a Facebook fan page in its honor.

Calico, the iconic “Evil Clown of Middletown,” turned 55 on Tuesday. Now it’s time to celebrate five and a half decades of making roadside history with a new venture: evil clown apparel.

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basie-bustA likeness of William ‘Count’ Basie has now been relocated from its temporary spot in the Red Bank train stationhouse to the plaza outside.


James Joyce has his smack dab in the middle of Dublin. Cal Ripken Jr. has his in Baltimore. Even Frank Zappa has one in Lithuania. And come Friday, Count Basie will have his in Red Bank.

Tucked away inside Red Bank’s train station shelter for years, the bust of Red Bank’s native son, William “Count” Basie, one of jazz music’s greatest composers, has now been moved to a more prominent location outside the Monmouth Street train stop. Tomorrow, local officials and fans will hold a re-dedication ceremony for the bronze bust.

For the kid from Red Bank, it’s the very least the borough could do, says Gene Cheslock, who, along with Ray Brennan, purchased the bust back in 2004 to commemorate Basie’s one-hundredth birthday.

“It was lost inside, and not in a noticeable area. Now you can’t miss it,” Cheslock, line Brennan a Little Silver resident, with some serious roots in Red Bank, said. “It’s sort of like the completion of the circle.”

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They just keep coming and coming, an endless line of stoop-shouldered pilgrims in undersized t-shirts.


We’re talking about fans of fillmmaker Kevin Smith, who stream into his Red Bank comic-books-and-tchotchkes emporium, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, looking for detailed directions to the Middletown convenience store that he made famous and that, in turn, launched him into the Hollywood firmament.

Well, the The Return of the Smith is upon us, as Himself makes his annual Q&A appearance at the Count Basie Theatre Friday night — another sold-out affair — and then hunkers down with a pocketful of Sharpies for one of his autographing marathons at the Stash on Saturday. (The photo above was taken during his August, 2006 appearance at the store; that one lasted into the pre-dawn hours.)

Today, Red Bank oRBit apprises this phenomenon from the eyes of the guys who run the store.

Never too soon to start oRBiting…

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SimonelliJoe Simonelli


Chicago has the profanely profound David Mamet; Pittsburgh the late great August Wilson. New York? Well, at least as the rest of the country sees it, there’s no playwright more attuned to Manhattan than the beloved Neil “Doc” Simon.


Here in the great metropolis that is Monmouth County, the boards of our local stages are getting Simonized in style by our own comical Bard of the Bayshore, a scribe who was once branded by a correspondent for the Asbury Park Press (not me) as the Next Neil Simon.

Digging around in the basement of the First Avenue Playhouse for a stray prop or suitable stick of furniture, Joe Simonelli doesn’t come across as a self-important peer of Mamet or Albee or, for that matter, even Dan “Nunsense” Goggin. While none of those gentlemen of letters would rightly be expected to decorate their own sets, the regular-joe Simonelli can often be spotted around the Atlantic Highlands dessert theatre doing whatever needs to be done — painting flats, providing musical accompaniment, even serving coffee to faithful patrons.

This summer, lucky local audiences will get a chance to catch two offerings from the Simonelli playbook, beginning with Roommates, a comedy of relationships that kicks off a month-long engagement at First Avenue this Friday, with the author himself in the lead.

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Filmmaker Kevin Smith will meet with fans at his Broad Street comic-book salon Monday afternoon, and singer Lisa Loeb will join him at an outdoor screening of his breakthrough film “Clerks” in Marine Park Tuesday night.

Ava Gacser of Gannett News Service has an interview with Loeb in today’s Asbury Park Press. In addition to serving as host of a series of outdoor screenings around the U.S., Loeb is flogging a new greatest-hits album and a reality-TV show about her search for a man who will love or, alternately, impregnate her.

Larry Higgs of the Press has a separate item on Smith’s plans to meet with interested parties at his store, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, Monday at 2p.

The Press says 2,000 people are expected at the free Marine Park event, which begins at 7p with an audience Q&A with Smith, followed by the screening at 8:30. No crowd-size estimate is given for the store event.

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