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The winner of last week’s hotly contested WHERE HAVE I SEEN THIS? is Dayna Stein, who correctly identified the face shown as part of the mildly creepy (our words, not hers) statue called “Water’s Edge” at the Monmouth Early Childhood Education Center. The location is Union Street opposite the emergency room at Riverview Medical Center.

Dayna seems to have been eager to win. She submitted two incorrect guesses before getting it right. For those keeping track, the husband-wife team of Larry and Dayna Stein are now the winners of weeks number 1 and 2, setting up a potential Stein Family Smackdown for week 3. Stay tuned.

Again, for this week, we remind participants to submit their entries via e-mail.



OK, so that was dumb.

Last week, in the premier edition of redbankgreen, we asked readers to tell us where a photo was taken (see below on this page), with answers to be sent via Comments.

But it turns out that having all the answers out in the open meant that as soon as someone got it right, the game was effectively over. And in this case, the first poster, Larry Stein, got it. (The sign shown in the picture is on Clay Street opposite an abandoned gas station, at the corner of Harding Road, in Red Bank.)

The result was that the whole thing lacked… drama. This outcome, of course, was foreseeable. But redbankgreen is still growing its brain, so we appreciate your patience.

For this week’s teaser, we ask that you send your guesses by e-mail instead. Do you know where this picture was taken?

Again, there are no prizes to be won at this point, only bragging rights. And we’ve got to think that Larry Stein is feeling pretty damn good about himself right now…



Recognize this image? Tell us where you think this picture was taken.

The plan is to regularly feature memory-challenging images in this space. Eventually, we hope to give away prizes for correct guesses, but we’re not set up for that right now. So at this point you’re playing for the simple pleasure of showing off your knowledge of The Green.

Post your answer via Comments, please.


hot topicDear redbankgreen reader:

You are no doubt aware that the local-news industry is collapsing, and understand what that might mean for the future of an informed public and for democracy itself.

And yet, redbankgreen has somehow managed to provide original and intensely local coverage of the Red Bank area for 14 years, at no charge.

Yeah, so how’s that work?

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At Bain’s in Rumson: outdoor furniture and frog sculptures. (Photo by Alexis Orlacchio. Click to enlarge)


Looking to add some levity to the yard? Hop over to Bain’s Outdoor Living in Rumson to see Beau Smith’s chic home décor frog sculptures.

Store owners Tom and Donna Bain came across Smith’s sculptures featured in a magazine. They contacted the artist, interested in selling his pieces.

“They actually drove down to Atlanta to get some of my work and sell it in their store,” said Smith.

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elk-ridge-092611Ambassador Drive, serving the Elkridge condominium complex off Spring Street, is the only public tribute to late Red Bank Mayor Katharine Elkus White, seen below in 1948. (Click to enlarge)


katherine-elkus-white-1948She was Red Bank’s first, and only, female mayor. She also served four years as America’s ambassador to Denmark, was a champion of civil rights and women’s equality, and once frosted political opponents who wanted a peek into her bedroom.

But driving around town, you would hardly know Katharine Elkus White had existed, says Oakland Street resident Carl Colmorgen.

He hopes to change that.

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11-wreathA wreath was placed at Piping Rock Park in Rumson, where a plaque honors borough residents who lost their lives in the September 11, 2001 attacks. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi)


It was a week that started fraught with emotion, as news broke in a national address by President Obama late Sunday night that a commando team had wiped the face of evil in the Western world, Osama bin Laden, off the earth.

For those around The Green, it was a bittersweet measure of justice, as scores of residents in our area lost their lives in the September 11, 2001 attacks masterminded by bin Laden.

It hit particularly close to Middletown, which lost 37 people in the attacks. We were out Monday morning talking to those who paid their respects at Middletown’s serene 9/11 memorial garden, near the train station.

And the week went on from there.

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pink-linePink striping down River Road in Fair Haven in celebration of Pink Week, which continues this week. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


You’ll notice the redbankgreen masthead’s looking a more on the red side than green these days. That’s because last week kicked off Pink Week, Riverview Medical Center and Red Bank RiverCenter’s annual push for breast cancer awareness, detection and treatment.

We’re not here just for supportive graphics, but on this Monday morning to keep you abreast (couldn’t help it) of what that’s all about, and other news from the end of April. Click on.

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c-murphy-backSea Bright Fire Chief Chad Murphy looks at a mock vehicle accident just before his and two other volunteer departments started extrication drills last week. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


Tragedy hit Middletown twice last week, with a man dying in a motorcycle crash and a family perishing in a six-alarm fire.

A roundup of all of last week’s news below.

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sb-beach-plowPlowing the sand mounds in Sea Bright. Can summer be far behind? (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


Welcome back to another week at redbankgreen. Here’s a glance back at the stories that filled our cyberpages last week.

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Stairsshadows_5x_7Cheerleader5x7“Stairs and Shadows,” above, by Warner White of Fair Haven, might have made a good ‘Where Have I Seen This?’ (See below for location.) At right, a shot by an unknown photographer; the young woman is believed to be June Evans of South Street, whom the McKay Gallery is trying to locate.

Weather-permitting, the heart of downtown Red Bank will be thronged on November 28, as it is the night following every Thanksgiving, for the annual tree lighting and Holiday Express concert.

Now, Bob & Liz McKay, owners of a photo studio and art gallery upstairs at 12 Monmouth Street, have decided to throw an additional attraction into the festive mix: the opening of an exhibit of photos and paintings to celebrate the borough’s centennial.

The display will offer a range of viewpoints, from decades-old photos from the Dorn’s Classic Images collection to shots taken in recent weeks expressly for this show.

Artists include “people who have never shown in their lives all the way up to George Tice, an internationally famous fine art photographer,” Bob McKay tells redbankgreen.

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In recognition of Arbor Day, redbankgreen today presents eight baby trees installed along borough streets as part of a tree-planting blitz by the Red Bank Shade Tree Commission last fall.

Heck, we can even consider this a special edition of ‘Where Have I Seen This?” Match each tree to the correct address shown in this list: Download 100_new_trees.doc.

If you think you’ve got all eight, shoot your answers to us via email. (Please don’t post your answers in a comment.)

The first three readers who match the trees to their locations will get a redbankgreen t-shirt.

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“Why do they put clay over the eyes at a Jewish funeral?” someone at the big oak table asks. A reliable answer goes begging, so part-time employee (and ‘Where Have I Seen This?‘ maven) Jenn Woods heads to the back of the store to try to find one on Google. The roundtable occupants continue their knitting, conversation and sipping of white wine.

Shop owner Dori Kershner is helping a customer. “You just need to turn it this way,” she says, momentarily taking the needles and making minor adjustments, redoing a stitch, demonstrating with practiced fingers. Georgia Mangan, in whose hands a pale blue baby blanket is slowly emerging, thanks her. “I just started this two weeks ago,” Mangan tells redbankgreen. “She’s fixed all my mistakes.”

It’s a typical Wednesday evening at Wooly Monmouth, where customers settle in for for several hours of chitchat about everything from American vs. European style knitting to the funeral rituals of Jews and Catholics. There also may be, along with the wine, a heaping pile of Mexican munchies at the center of the table threatening to leave bits of corn chip or salsa in somebody’s next scarf.

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Some apparent misperceptions about a house fire in Fair Haven last summer have, ironically, jump-started efforts to correct a problem that’s existed for decades: inadequate water pressure in the western part of the borough and in easternmost Red Bank.


And the onus for the fix in both towns is on Red Bank, which supplies water to 170 properties in Fair Haven through mains that in some cases are more than a century old and half the diameter they should be, according to Red Bank’s Administrator, Stanley Sickels.

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First, in late June, we featured the ladder in a tree in our ‘Where Have I Seen This?’ feature.

Then came the complaints from neighbors. Not funny, they said, in essence. In fact, downright dangerous. Not to mention ugly.

So a month later, we zeroed in on the house at 236 Broad Street to ask: Yeah, what’s with the rusty ladder stuck in the groin of the large, dead tree out front? And why has that ladder, and a taller one tied to the roof of the house, been there for more than a year?

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Look, you’ve been through this before. So you should know by now whether you’ve got the patience to set up the new computer, digital camera or i-Pod that you’ll be giving or receiving as a gift this month.

For those who don’t, or would simply prefer to sit back and enjoy themselves while someone who knows what he’s doing tackles the job of physical set-up and software installation, computer whiz Dylan Barlett is home for the holidays and ready to lend a hand for a modest fee.

“A gift should make you feel good, not be a source of frustration,” says Barlett, a 20-year-old Little Silver resident. “I want to leave everyone with a stable computer they can use and enjoy.”

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You may recall the rusting ladder in the tree that redbankgreen featured a few weeks back in our Where Have I Seen This? contest. (Answer, in case you missed it: in the yard of a house at 236 Broad Street, at the corner of Irving Place.)

Well, a couple of the neighbors were not amused. They complained to us about the conditions on the property. It seems the tree ladder’s been there for quite some time, abandoned after a dangerous and as-yet-unfinished attempt at arboreal trimming. And there’s a second, longer ladder that’s been tied to the porch roof, extending up to the third-floor cupola, for months.

Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail we received, complete with the original buzz-saw punctuation:

I have been looking at the house with the ladder in the tree and a ladder on the house for over a year….when is Red Bank going to tell the owner to clean up his mess ?????? He has an unfinished roof , a falling down garage, and garbage around his house….by the way the huge ladder on his house is about to fall down, why dont you take a picture of that,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Well, folks, don’t let it be said that redbankgreen can’t take a hint. We tracked down the house’s owner, Kevin Boyce, at his home in Long Branch for an explanation.

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