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rbpd1 double patch rightThis edition of the blotter covers two weeks. Reports are provided by the Red Bank Police Department and appear here unedited.


Criminal Mischief occurring at Spring St. on 11-27-10. Victim reported that unknown person(s) ransacked apartment and entire unit was damaged by cranberry juice being poured on furniture and clothes. Ptl. Mike Campanella.

Theft occurring at W. Front St.-Antique Center on 11-28-10. Victim reported that unknown person(s) stole two mink coats, tan in color from booth. Ptl. Paul Perez

Criminal Mischief occurring between 11-24-10 and 11-29-10 at River St.-School. Employee reported that unknown person(s) broke a window on the building. No entry gained. Ptl. Patrick Kennedy.

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rbpd3 patrolCrime reports provided by the Red Bank Police Department for the week of April 2 to April 9, 2010. This information appears here unedited.

Theft occurring 4-4-10 at Shrewsbury Ave.-Gas Station. Employee reported that unknown person(s) stole an AT&T I Phone from the attendant’s booth in the station. Ptl. George Travostino.

Lost wallet occurring on 4-5-10 at W. Bergen Place. Victim reported that while at the Laundromat she lost her navy blue wallet which contained I.D. and ATM cards. Returned to the Laundromat but unable to locate her wallet. Ptl. Matthew Ehrenreich

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stmarysfire-040310A volunteer firefighter crouches on the porch roof to avoid a spray of water from inside. (Click to enlarge)

The occupants of a rental on Red Bank’s West Side safely escaped a predawn fire that tore through their home Saturday.

The blaze was reported at 4:42a at 19 St. Mary’s Place, a narrow dead-end off Shrewsbury Avenue, between Drs. Parker Boulvevard and Sunset Avenue.

Volunteer firefighters had the fire out within 45 minutes of arrival, Fire Chief Alan Soden tells redbankgreen.

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Unedited entries from the Red Bank Police Department crime blotter for the week of October 3 to October 10.

Theft occurring between 10-5-08 and 10-6-08 at Count Basie Field. Victim reported that his cell phone T Mobile Sidekick Slide, color black and purple was stolen from coat pocket which was on the side of the playing area. Ptl. Jorge Torres.

Criminal Mischief occurring at Broad St. on 10-7-08. Victim reported that unknown person(s) damaged a wooden sign by breaking same in half. Ptl. Dawn Shields.

Stolen Vehicle reported on 10-7-08 from Catherine St. Victim reported that vehicle has been missing for approx. one week. Description: Mercury Sable, brown in color. Ptl. Jorge Torres.

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Perez_ferret2Paul Ashton and his pet ferret, Flower, greet animal control guy Henry Perez.


Henry Perez doesn’t give up easily. After repeatedly knocking on an unassuming front door on Red Bank’s West Side, he takes an investigative look around and puts his ear to the door.

“I don’t hear barking,” he says, making a note on his clipboard, “but I don’t like the look of that ‘Beware of Dog’ sign.”

Perez waits, playing a game of chicken with whoever or whatever lurks behind the old wooden door. He slyly peers through windows, around porches and up driveways looking for the telltale signs: a wagging tail, a misplaced chew toy, some forgotten droppings.

Concerned neighbor? Scheming burglar? CSI Red Bank?

Nope. Meet Perez, the borough’s Animal Control Officer, midway through a town-wide pet census to license all cats and dogs from the Navesink to Newman Springs Road.

Today, Perez has invited redbankgreen along on the animal beat, and while there’s no answer at this house, he assures us he’ll be back.

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Crimes reported between July 4 and July 11, as recorded by the Red Bank Police Department. Entries are unedited.


Criminal Mischief occurring on 7-4-08 at Mechanic St. Victim reported that unknown person(s) scratched two vehicles on the passenger side with unknown object. Sgt. Daniel Bannon.

Criminal Mischief occurring on 7-4-08 at Leighton Ave. Victim reported hearing a loud noise and upon checked discovered his rear break light had been smashed in. Ptl. Gary Watson, Jr.

Criminal Mischief occurring on 7-5-08 at Monmouth St. Owner of business reported that the window on the door to front of business had been broken out. No signs of entry. Ptl. Ashon Lovick.

Criminal Mischief occurring on 7-5-08 at Arthur Place. Unknown person(s) slashed the tires and broke the driver’s side view mirror on parked vehicle. Ptl. Ashon Lovick.

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A resident of the western end of Bank Street sends us this today:


We had what appeared to be a pretty extensive manhunt wind up right in front of our house last night about 3:30 am…

Police from Tinton Falls, Little Silver, Shrewsbury and Red Bank — at one point 11 cop cars — converged at the end of Bank Street. Lights from James Parker (Blvd.) indicated there may have been more cops there.

A canine unit worked along the river down near James Parker. Cops went inside the big red house at 123 Bank — this is a vacant house that is a problem spot, attracting vagrants and homeless and drug users…

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A recent string of burglaries and shootings in Red Bank evoked mixed reactions at a West Side Community Group neighborhood watch meeting last night, with some residents praising police efforts and others saying they feel unsafe.


“I was born and raised here. I never felt vulnerable before,” said Connie Festa Aparicio, owner of Salon 340 on Shrewsbury Avenue, who said her Catherine Street home was burglarized this week. “I don’t know how to protect my home and business.”

“My block has turned into a tenement situation,” she said. “I was gone for two hours and I was hit. It took them 10 minutes. The neighbors called (police), but he jumped off the roof (before they got there). It’s scary.”

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Red Bank Police are looking for a burglar who may knock on his victims’ front doors to determine if anyone is home before entering their houses.


The culprit may also be targeting the homes of Hispanic families, said Capt. Steve McCarthy, who notes that five such homes have been burglarized since mid-September.

The latest incident occurred around 2p Monday on Catherine Street, where a man described as a heavily-built black male in his mid-20s made off with jewelry after breaking in through a rear entrance.

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One of two suspects in a July armed robbery of a Shrewsbury Avenue jewelry store is in custody following his arrest earlier this week, Red Bank police report.


In a separate matter, police are looking for three men believed to have done a smash-and-grab robbery of a sportswear store in the early hours of Labor Day.

Carlos Delevry, 20, of Munson Place, was arrested by Sgt. Eliot Ramos and Inv. Errico Vescio shortly before 2p Tuesday at 197 Shrewsbury Avenue. He was charged with robbing the Pequeno Diamante store, also on Shrewsbury Avenue, at gunpoint on July 18.

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Kim Sambucci was sitting at her desk at Golf Greens Fore U on Shrewsbury Avenue late last Friday afternoon when she heard “an explosion, like a car crashing into the building.”

But it wasn’t a car Sambucci saw when she looked up. It was a deer. And there it was, just 10 or 15 feet away, inside the store, scuttling around amid the broken glass from the metal-framed door it had busted through after crossing one of the busiest streets in Red Bank.

“She was huge,” says Sambucci. “She had to weigh 300 pounds.”

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Red Bank Middle School and Red Bank Regional High School were among the 643 schools statewide that failed to make “adequate yearly progress” under the federal No Child Left Behind law, the state Department of Education disclosed today. The results were based on preliminary data.

The Red Bank Charter School and the elementary school were each classified as having made adequate progress.

At the high school, where 79 percent of the students must demonstrate language arts literacy, the shortcomings showed up among Hispanic and economically disadvantaged students. In math, which requires 64 percent of students to pass a test, Hispanics, African-Americans and students with disabilities came up short of the law’s targets.

The high school is classified as a “school in need of improvement” for failing to meet the law’s standards for 4 years in a row. According to the Asbury Park Press,

Schools not meeting standards in the same content area for four consecutive years are deemed to be in need of corrective action. The actions can include instituting a new curriculum, extending the school day or school year, or replacing staff who are deemed relevant to the school not making adequate progress.

Here’s what Edward Westervelt, Red Bank Regional superintendent, told the Press last October:

“We’ve improved scores, but we didn’t improve enough to prevent from being identified as needing improvement,” Westervelt said. “There are no excuses. We will remediate. I’m convinced we’ll be off the list next year.”

At the middle school, the sole shortcoming was the failure to meet a required 95-percent “participation rate” of Hispanic and economically disadvantaged kids in language arts and literature, according to the report.

Schools in Rumson, Fair haven, Little Silver, Shrewsbury and Tinton Falls all made the grade. In Middletown, all schools met the standards except Thorne Middle School.

From the Department of Education announcement:

A total of 643 schools—26.5 percent of New Jersey’s total 2,422 schools and 29 percent of the tested schools—did not make AYP. In 2004-05, 822 schools—34 percent of the total public schools in the state last year and 37.8 percent of the tested schools—did not meet the AYP benchmarks.

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