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rbpd-patrol-webCrime reports provided by the Red Bank Police Department for the week of October 2 to October 9, 2009. This information appears here unedited.

Theft occurring on 10-1-09 at W. Front St.-construction site. Victim reported that unknown person(s) stole a Hilti Leveling Laser from site. Ptl. George Travostino.

Criminal Mischief occurring between 10-2-09 and 10-3-09 at Manor Drive. Victim reported that unknown person(s) let the air out of tires on parked vehicle. Ptl. Jorge Torres.

Shoplifting occurring at Broad St. on 10-4-09. Victim reported that an unknown white female swiped a Customer card and left with groceries without paying the bill. Ptl. Jorge Torres.
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rb-corp-plaza Except for limited office use, Red Bank Corporate Plaza has been empty since completion two years ago.

By Dustin Racioppi

Red Bank’s comeback from the depths of the economic downturn may turn out to be based on an unexpected foundation: pizza.

In recent months, one large pizza restaurant has opened, a second one  has committed to the downtown, and a third, smaller one is rumored to be coming.

Now, a fourth pizzeria appears about to take over a huge retail space in a white-elephant office, retail and parking complex on West Front Street. And this one could have a coveted liquor license.

Leonardo DiMaria, a co-owner a place to be called Pazzo’s Coal Fired Oven Restaurant, tells redbankgreen a sublease on some 4,900 square feet of space at Red Bank Corporate Plaza is “pretty much done. We should be signing the lease Tuesday or Wednesday.”

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staples-broad-stThe big-box retailer will lease a space less than a quarter the size of its average store at 137-139 Broad Street.

Rcsm2_010508Staples Inc., the big-box office supply retailer, is coming to Red Bank.

But the giant seller of everything from pens to desktop computers won’t be opening one of its warehouse-sized stores here. Instead, it’ll be trying out a relatively new micro store, dubbed Staples Copy & Print, that will feature the services of the print shops in the big-box Staples plus the top 1,000 items available on their shelves.

Jay Herman, principal of site owner Downtown Investors LLC, tells redbankgreen that Staples has signed a lease for 4,000 square feet at 137-139 Broad Street, three doors up from the intersection of Harding Road.

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Food, fireworks, forgetting where you parked: it’s the biggest event of the year in Red Bank, drawing an estimated 100,000 people for one of the nation’s largest fireworks shows.

First, the weather forecast, as of 6a Friday:

Today: A slight chance of showers, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 11am. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 80. West wind between 6 and 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 63. West wind around 9 mph.

So conditions would appear to be favorable for tonight’s Kaboom Fireworks on the Navesink. An official decision will be made about whether to go ahead with or postpone the event at 2p; see below for more info.

If it’s a go, the annual challenge of getting into Red Bank, finding a viewing spot and getting out of town is on, too. Here’s some guidance on how to make the best of it.

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Rbpd patrol 72

Crime reports provided by the Red Bank Police Department for the
week of May 8 to May 15, 2009. This information appears here

Theft occurring at Broad St. on 5-8-09. Unknown subject(s) stole 6 leather and wood chairs which were outside the rear of the business. Ptl. Nicholas Maletto.

Theft from vehicle occurring at White St. Parking Lot on 5-8-09. Victim reported that unknown person(s) stole prescription Ralph Lauren sunglasses from vehicle and small amount of coins. Ptl. Dawn Shields.

Criminal Mischief occurring on 5-8-09 at S. Pearl St. Unknown person(s) threw a brick through front window of house. Sgt. Robert Kennedy.

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RbpdsuvCrime reports provided by the Red Bank Police Department for the week of April 1 to April 17, 2009. This information appears here unedited.

Criminal Mischief occurring between 4-9-09 and 4-10-09 at West Front Street. Victim reported that unknown subject(s) smashed the back window of parked pick up truck. Ptl. Robert Campanella.

Theft reported on 4-13-09 at Riverview Plaza. Victim reported that ultra sound probes were stolen by unknown person(s) from the radiology department over the weekend, between 4-11-09 to 4-13-09. Det. Wendy Samis, Lt. Eliot Ramos.

Criminal Mischief occurring at Broad St.—residence over the weekend of 4-11-09 to 4-13-09. Attempt by unknown person to gain entry into residence by damaging the door jam with a pry tool. Ptl. David Smith.

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Call in the authorities
Good one from the annals of amusing crime stories courtesy of the Asbury Park Press:

SHREWSBURY — A Red Bank man walked into a department store, asked a cashier for a pen, then used it to write a holdup note, police said.

Eric Greene, 23, of West Bergen Place, fled from the Marshalls store with a bag of cash, but with help from police in two other communities, he was taken into custody about 5 1/2 hours later, authorities said.

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Entries from the desk log at the Red Bank Police Department for the week of February 6 to 13. The information appears here unedited.

Criminal Mischief
occurring on 2-6-09 at W. Bergen Place. Victim reported that unknown subject(s) spray-painted graffiti on his residence. Ptl. James DePonte.

Criminal Mischief occurring on 2-6-09 at W. Bergen Place on 2-6-09. Report of graffiti spray-painted on wall of business. Ptl. James DePonte.

Criminal Mischief occurring on 2-7-09 at the Anderson Building –Monmouth St. Report of graffiti spray-painted on building. Sgt. Errico Vescio.

Criminal Mischief occurring on 2-7-09 at W. Bergen Place. Spray painted graffiti on building. Ptl. James DePonte.

Criminal Mischief occurring on 2-7-09 at Monmouth St Report by owner that unknown person(s) spray painted the side of the business.

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Unedited entries from the desk log of the Red Bank Police Department for the week of December 5 through 12.

Theft occurring on 12-6-08 in the area of White Street. Victim reported that unknown person(s) stole her brown leather purse which was hanging on a concrete post. Purse was later located in parking lot by victim minus cash and gift cards which had been inside of purse. Ptl. Paul Perez.


Criminal Mischief occurring on 12-6-08 at English Plaza Parking Lot. Victim reported that unknown person(s) had deliberately torn off the driver’s side mirror on outside of vehicle Ptl. Patrick Kennedy.

Criminal Mischief occurring on 12-7-08 at Monmouth St. Report of a window in a business being smashed out by a brick. Entry was not gained. Ptl. Michael Campanella.

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Unedited entries from the Red Bank Police Department records for last week.

Theft occurring on 9-26-08 at Chestnut St. – Train Station Parking lot. Victim reported that unknown person smashed driver’s side window gaining entry into parked vehicle and stole a Minolta Camera. Ptl. Paul Perez.

Criminal Mischief occurring at Broad St. on 9-27-08. Report of a broken store glass window by unknown person(s). Sgt. Daniel Bannon.

Criminal Mischief occurring at Tilton Ave. on 9-27-08. Victim reported that unknown person(s) broke first floor window. Lt. Joshua Berbrick.

Theft occurring on 9-25-08 at Shrewsbury Ave. Victim reported that male subject stole scratch off lottery tickets from behind the counter. Ptl. Jorge Torres.

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Crimes for the week of July 18 through July 25, as reported by the Red Bank Police Department. Entries are unedited.

Theft occurring between 7-16-08 and 7-17-08 at Monmouth Street restaurant. Victim reported that unknown person stole her pocketbook, containing cash, Verizon Cellphone, digital camera and sunglasses. Ptl. Jorge Torres.

Theft occurring between 7-16-08 and 7-17-08 at Maple Ave. Unknown person(s) took a cash box containing $300.00 and an American Express credit card from the office. Sgt Richard Mangold.

Theft occurring on 7-18-08 at Leighton Ave residence. Report of lawn chairs being stolen from yard. Ptl. Gary Watson, Jr.

Criminal Mischief occurring at East Front St. establishment on 7-19-08. Two unknown males tore down the wooden panels on the side of the building after being refused entrance. Ptl. Ashon Lovick.

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Img_1272The scene on Broad Street at the 2006 edition of the event.


There was that friend of ours who found a shrink-wrapped, never-played, original 1963 pressing ( released the day JFK was shot) of the Phil Spector Christmas Album, in a box of old discs at Jack’s.

More than one other whispered of a long-neglected storage space inside the old Kislin’s sporting goods emporium, where vintage leather jackets and mod 1960s accessories awaited discovery by a dogday-morning earlybird in search of some gear-grabber’s grail.

If you’ve lived in or around Red Bank for any length of time, you or someone close to you has just such a “sidewalk story.” And even if half of those tales are total hooey, it’s always fun to think that a truly historic get — a bargain in a box, a folding-table find, a street-rack steal — lies just past that lady blocking your view of the 2007 calendars and novelty napkin rings.

As the folks at Red Bank RiverCenter prepare to present the 54th edition of the annual Red Bank Sidewalk Sale this weekend, it’s making perfect sense to avoid the beach and do some sidewalk-surfin’ instead — with approximately 100 merchants taking to the streets in what’s being billed as “the best sale ever,” and dozens of dining establishments standing by to serve. There’s also live entertainment, courtesy of an expanded edition of the weekly Street Life outdoor concerts — and did we mention that parking on downtown streets and municipal lots is fabulously free for the duration of the event?

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Red Bank Police activity log entries from June 27 through July 2. The log is unedited.

Burglary reported on 6-27-08 at W. Bergen Place—Vacant Resident. Owner reported that entry was gained by breaking window and removing air-conditioner. Stolen were electrical fixtures, 8 wall sconces and one crystal chandelier, various set of china, glassware and linens. House was broken into again on 6-28-08 and various items were stolen. Ptl. Jorge Torres.

Theft occurring at Spring St. on 6-27-08. Victim reported prescription pills being stolen from her purse. Ptl. James DePonte.

Theft and Criminal Mischief occurring on 6-28-08 at Bodman Place. Employee stated that she heard and saw an unidentified white male subject breaking into the wine refrigerator in the hallway. Stolen was 2 to 5 bottles of wine unknown price. Sgt. Frank Bitsko.

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From the borough police logs for the wek of April 18 through April 25. Entries are unedited.

Theft occurring at W. Front St.—Riverside Gardens on 4-19-08. Victim reported that she inadvertently left her purse hanging on the fence and left the park. Upon returning shortly thereafter, purse was located but the wallet had been stolen. Wallet contained cash, debit card and various I.D. Ptl. Robert Kennedy.


Theft occurring on 4-20-08 at Oakland St. Victim reported that stolen from the trunk of his parked vehicle was various pieces of umpire equipment. Ptl. Gary Watson, Jr.

Theft occurring on 4-24-08 at West Bergen Place. Victim reported that unknown person(s) stole her bicycle from rear of apartment. Bike described as grey in color, Gary Fisher—Marlin 21 speed mountain bike. Ptl. James DePonte.

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The following are entries in the Red Bank police logs from March 14 through March 20. The information is supplied by the police department and is both unverified and unedited.

Theft occurring on East Newman Springs Rd. on 3-14-08. Victim reported that while in a parking lot she left her wallet in shopping cart, left the area and upon returning the wallet had been stolen. Contained in wallet were cash and credit cards. Ptl. James DePonte.

Theft occurring at Spring St. residence between 3-13-08 and 3-14-08. Victim reported that unknown person(s) stole two solar light posts off of front porch. Det. Robert Clayton.

Criminal Mischief occurring on 3-15-08 at Spring St. parking lot. Victim reported that unknown subject(s) flattened all four tires on parked vehicle and also keyed vehicle around the entire perimeter of vehicle. Ptl. David Smith.

Theft occurring at Spring St. on 3-15-08. Victim reported that unknown subject(s) entered parked vehicle and stole a Dell Laptop computer and two Apple I-Pods. Ptl. David Smith.

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The following are entries in the Red Bank police logs from Feb. 29 through March 7. The information is supplied by the police department and unedited.

Robbery occurring on 2-29-08 in the area of Shrewsbury Ave. Victim reported that he was approached while walking by two Latino male subjects. One subject physically restrained the victim while the other removed cash and a cell phone. Sgt. Michael Furlong and Sgt. Michael Frazee.

Burglary occurring on 3-2-08 at E. Bergen Place. Entry gained through window in residence. Rooms in residence were ransacked. Stolen from bedroom was jewelry, gold ring with diamonds and a gold school ring with diamonds written on same Packer Collegic Institute, 15 inch flat screen T.V., play station with several games, X Box with games, I-Pod and charger. Ptl. Wendy Samis and Sgt. Eliot Ramos.

Criminal Mischief occurring on Shrewsbury Ave. on 3-2-08. Victim reported that unknown person(s) threw a rock at his car which was traveling on Shrewsbury Ave. and cracked he windshield. Ptl. Thomas Doremus.

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The Asbury Park Press is reporting the death Monday of Frank ‘Terry’ Magovern of Rumson, an early friend, fan and supporter of Bruce Springsteen and other Asbury Park musicians.

From the story:

In the 1960s and ’70s, Magovern managed bars and booked bands in nearby beach towns, including D’Jai’s in Belmar, the Riptide in Point Pleasant Beach and the Captain’s Garter (later the Headliner) in Neptune. In the early ’80s, Magovern managed Big Man’s West in Red Bank, a club owned by E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons.

Magovern worked with Springsteen in myriad capacities, on tours and in the studio, but was most often described as a personal assistant to Springsteen. On the liner notes to Springsteen’s 1995 album, “The Ghost of Tom Joad,” Magovern is credited for “research.”

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Img_8893Sneak peak at the interior of the Westboro Post Office during renovation work this spring.

Like the check one waits for the mail carrier to deliver, the Westboro Post Office on Shrewsbury Avenue will arrive. Just not quite when expected.

The facility, at the intersection of Oakland Street, is set to reopen tomorrow, four months later than expected. It’s been closed since November 2005, when an employee complained about mold and mildew.

The reopening is sure to be a relief for West Side residents, many of whom who were forced to go out of town or contend with parking issues at the Broad Street post office for their mail needs.

Residents and business owners from Fairview, River Plaza and elsewhere were also frequent users of the storefront facility.

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Bob Colmorgen did it again, identifying last week’s shot as a boarded-up door at the former Anderson Brothers cold-storage warehouse at Monmouth Street and Bridge Avenue.

Bob, a longtime Red Bank fireman in who continues to volunteer though he now lives in Eatontown, explains that the ‘F.O.’ on the sign alerts emergency responders to the presence of a floor opening they should look out for, lest they fall through.

With his answer, Bob wraps up Year One of Where Have I Seen This? which debuted with redbankgreen on June 1, 2006. And for the seventh time in the past 11 weeks, we’ve got one of the three Colmorgen siblings in the winners circle.

They know their home turf well, those Colmorgen kids.

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In the ever-chipper language of public relations, this year’s “Shopper Bowl Shuffle,” a downtown sales push in conjunction with the Super Bowl, is “bigger and better,” says a press release from RiverCenter.


The “better” remains open to interpretation, but in fact, Shopper Bowl II is shaping up as somewhat smaller than last year’s version. And the falloff in participation among downtown businesses illustrates the challenges that organizers face in corralling large numbers of merchants for themed, collective efforts.

RiverCenter, the nonprofit administrator of the downtown Special Improvement District, lists 41 stores, restaurants and salons that plan to be open and offering discounts of 20 percent or more this weekend. A year ago, there were 53. And only 38 of this year’s participating stores are expect to be open both days of the two-day event, down from an estimated 48 last year.

Nineteen businesses that were on last year’s list aren’t on this year’s, a drop partly attributable to store closings and relocations. Furnishings retailer Vizzini & Company, for example, moved from Monmouth Street to the Galleria, which is outside the district. Old Monmouth Candies, on Broad Street for the past two years, recently retrenched to its original Freehold location. The Paper Rose, a card store on Broad, is closing for renovations.

But it’s not only a matter of the steady churn of retail faces that accounts for the decline. A dozen businesses that held sales last year and still operate in the district didn’t re-up, even though nearly all of them plan to be open Saturday anyway. They are: Agostino Antiques, Coco Pari, Mustillo’s, Primas Home & Cafe, Surray Luggage, Maxwell & Sophie, Drummer’s Alley, Readie’s Fine Foods, Seldin’s Jewelry, Cigars Plus, Grieco’s Bakery and Quicksilver Handcrafted Jewelry.

What gives?

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Now winding down a 16-year stint as Mayor of Red Bank, Edward J. McKenna is scheduled to be feted by borough employees at a party scheduled for 5p Monday, Dec. 18, at the Two River Theater.


The event is open to the public. Tickets are $10 each. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Here’s something else to nosh on. redbankgreen sat down recently with McKenna in a conference room of his law firm, McKenna, DuPont, Higgins & Stone, for a look-back and look-forward interview. And he was as sentimental and pungent as ever.

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Ten questions for John and Rachel Decker, owners of Graman’s Vacuum & Appliance Parts Co. on Monmouth Street, at the corner of West Street. They live in Tinton Falls.

How long have you owned this business, and who had it before you?
John: We’ve been here for four years. I bought it from Gene Graman—“Uncle Gene,” though he’s no blood relation whatsoever. When I was growing up in River Plaza, Gene was the older guy in the neighborhood who never got married and had all the toys and all the fun: boats, motorcycles, Jet skis, snowmobiles, wave runners. My parents knew him before I was even born.

His shop was in Red Bank for 47 years, and in this location since 1964. He was previously closer to Broad on Monmouth Street. And surprisingly, there was a parking problem then, too.

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