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bobby-chiafulloAfter a two-year hiatus, Bobby Chiafullo has returned to the pizza scene. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


Bobby Chiafullo had the front door open, the ovens on high and was strapping a tomato-sauce stained apron around his waist when a man came in, noticing the sign outside that read ‘Bobby’s Back,’ and asked if Chiafullo was open for business.

He wasn’t yet, but told the man to order some pizza anyway.

“We’re giving it away today,” said Chiafullo, a barrel-chested man with beady eyes and a perpetual grin.

Chiafullo, who spent 37 years flipping pies on Bridge Avenue before making an exit to the Navesink section of Middletown, wants to make it clear: Bobby’s back.

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28-leroyNew owner Charlie McCague says he spent $50,000 to restore the slate-and-copper roof of the structure and will preserve the clapboard exterior and interior layout.

After a vote that sharply divided the borough planning board, one of Red Bank’s most distinctive old mansions is going commercial.

The century-old Victorian at 28 LeRoy Place is to become an accountant’s office after a vote on the conversion split the board 5-4 Monday night.

Those in favor cited the fact that the structure is in a professional office zone and argued it would serve as a buffer between nearby homes and the “abomination” of the former Sun Bank at the corner of LeRoy and Broad Street.

Those opposed said they were concerned about “creeping commercialism” and a “domino effect” leading to other homes on Leroy being turned into offices on the strength of an approval.

“No,” said Councilwoman Sharon Lee, when called on to vote. “It constitutes an assault on our historic homes.”

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Here’s our second winner in this new feature, which aims to spotlight reader comments posted in redbankgreen that say something well, whether or not we agree with the substance of the post.

This week’s selection appeared below an article reporting that Red Bank officials are mulling the possibility of making government employees take three unpaid days off by the end of the year. Posted by ‘notsureanymore,’ it drew a mix of support and rejection, with one poster calling it “petty” and another labeling it “disrepectful.”

I understand belt tightening.  I am living it personally. That said, can someone please explain the need this past weekend for the posting of police on rt 35/Riverside Dr for the viewing of ex mayor McKenna’s departed wife….rest her soul in peace.

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The state Council on Affordable Housing has temporarily barred Red Bank from granting any new multifamily housing approvals until a dispute over the borough’s fair share of below-market housing can be addressed, today’s Asbury Park Press reports.


No such projects are currently up for approval by the borough planning or zoning boards. But Borough Attorney Tom Hall tells the Press’ Larry Higgs that he’s “disappointed” that the Fair Share Housing of Cherry Hill won a temporary freeze Wednesday on approvals pending oral arguments by the borough and center attorneys on Nov. 12.

According to the Press, Fair Share Housing Center attorney Adam Green

argued that the borough has approved hundreds of units of luxury housing units, while not setting aside 20 percent of those units as affordable housing under COAH requirements. Those approvals have affected existing affordable housing by increasing property values and forcing low- and moderate-income families out of the borough, he said.

“The town can’t say “We don’t have land to develop (affordable housing on)’ and grant variances to developers of luxury apartments without affordable housing,” Gordon said afterward.

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Img_1272The scene on Broad Street at the 2006 edition of the event.


There was that friend of ours who found a shrink-wrapped, never-played, original 1963 pressing ( released the day JFK was shot) of the Phil Spector Christmas Album, in a box of old discs at Jack’s.

More than one other whispered of a long-neglected storage space inside the old Kislin’s sporting goods emporium, where vintage leather jackets and mod 1960s accessories awaited discovery by a dogday-morning earlybird in search of some gear-grabber’s grail.

If you’ve lived in or around Red Bank for any length of time, you or someone close to you has just such a “sidewalk story.” And even if half of those tales are total hooey, it’s always fun to think that a truly historic get — a bargain in a box, a folding-table find, a street-rack steal — lies just past that lady blocking your view of the 2007 calendars and novelty napkin rings.

As the folks at Red Bank RiverCenter prepare to present the 54th edition of the annual Red Bank Sidewalk Sale this weekend, it’s making perfect sense to avoid the beach and do some sidewalk-surfin’ instead — with approximately 100 merchants taking to the streets in what’s being billed as “the best sale ever,” and dozens of dining establishments standing by to serve. There’s also live entertainment, courtesy of an expanded edition of the weekly Street Life outdoor concerts — and did we mention that parking on downtown streets and municipal lots is fabulously free for the duration of the event?

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The big-splash events — the parade, the townwide picnic, the boat parade — may be past but the Red Bank Centennial Committee still has a few items on its dance card.


One is a cocktail party in honor of the borough’s former mayors scheduled for Tuesday night at the Molly Pitcher Inn.

“We have four living former mayors, and the committee thought it appropriate, in our centennial year, to honor their many years of service,” says Mayor Pasquale Menna.


The ex-mayors are Judge Benedict R. Nicosia (1963-1966), former state Supreme Court Associate Justice Daniel J. O’Hern (1966; 1969-1978), Dr. Michael J. Arnone (1982-1990), and Edward J. McKenna (1990-2006).


Tickets to the two-hour event are $125 apiece. Proceeds will be used to fund a smattering of future centennial events to be announced, says Menna.

The event is open to the public and starts at 6p; cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact Pamela Borghi at 732.530.2797 or Doreen Hoffmann at 732.530.2748.

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Last week’s ‘Where’ generated an interesting variety of responses from a surprisingly small geographic area, perhaps owing to the number of Victorian homes in central Red Bank.

One reader thought the photo showed a detail of “Mrs. Pearl Dwek’s house” on Leroy Place, an allusion to it’s place in the short-lived real estate empire of Solomon Dwek.

Another ‘Where’ regular, showing a commendable familiarity with the redbankgreen archive, thought it might be from what we used to call the house of ladders on Broad Street.

Other entries cited the “Riverwalk” building, home to a law firm and some other offices on Maple Avenue; the former house on Broad Street (opposite the ladder house, by coincidence) that’s now home to the law firm McKenna, Dupont, Higgins & Stone; and the Woman’s Club of Red Bank, opposite the post office on Broad.

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Yesterday’s Asbury Park Press reported that longtime Re Bank volunteer fireman and council member John T. ‘Jack’ Illmensee died at age 72 Friday.


His obituary reports that he was a member of Liberty Hose Co., the Red Bank Rescue team, and served two terms with the Red Bank Democratic Club.

Illmensee served 13 years as a councilman in Red Bank and “was responsible for bringing back the Christmas lights to the downtown area after years without them,” the obit says.

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Councilman Michael DuPont contends that this flier, distributed by Republican Councilman John Curley to Red Bank residents last week, is a smear on his wife. [Click on flier to enlarge]

In a letter to the editor published in the current issue of the Two River Times (print version only), DuPont says the handout — printed on vivid green paper — defames his wife, Doreen, who gave birth to twins earlier this year.

As evidence, Dupont cites the flier’s claim that “Our new Mayor [Pasquale] Menna appointed DuPont and [former Mayor Ed] McKenna’s wife to the Planning Board. How cozy.”

On his first day as mayor in January, Menna nominated Christine McKenna to serve as an alternate member of the planning board for a term that ends Dec. 31. The nomination was part of an omnibus reorganization resolution that included several dozen appointments. Curley voted no on the measure, which was passed by the Democratic majority. Download rb_appointments_10107.pdf

DuPont, however, is not on the planning board and has never been, he says.

Here’s an excerpt from DuPont’s letter:

Councilman Curley, your lime-green letter endorsing your colleagues defames my wife with falsehoods and insinuations. You owe her an apology and the truth to the residents of Red Bank. Your lime-green letter is simply political slime.

But Curley’s handout does not make any mention of DuPont’s spouse, unless it is interpreted as meaning DuPont and McKenna are maried to the same woman.

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It’s not often that firebrand Republican Councilman John Curley makes much headway against the tide of the Democratic majority.

But for a fleeting moment last night, Curley seemed to have raised concerns that just might bring the Dems around to his point of view.


In the end, though, uh-uh.

The issue was a series of invoices, known as change orders, that would increase the cost of the ongoing $1.6 million renovation of the Red Bank Public Library by $8,350.

Curley raised questions about the particulars, and — to his evident surprise — found his concerns echoed and expanded on by Democrat Art Murphy III and even his main adversary in the post-McKenna era, Michael DuPont.

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So, after 18 years riding the bench as a member of the borough council, what kind of mayor will Pasquale Menna be?

At his New Year’s Day swearing-in, Menna said his vision “is to continue the progress” of the McKenna era. He reached out to John Curley, his Republican opponent in the mayoral race—and McKenna’s nemesis—saying, “We’re going to work together.” He rolled out a number of initiatives, from public meetings during budget deliberations to online bill-paying for taxes and water fees.

In sum, he gave every indication that he knows what he wants to do, and how.

Still, it’s nice to have the benefit of others’ experience. So redbankgreen asked Red Bank’s four living ex-mayors for any advice they might have for the new guy.

Read on for their replies, followed by a complete list of Red Bank chief executives from the time the borough was carved out of Shrewsbury 99 years ago.

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Red Bank officials past and present would be well advised to scope out the excruciatingly limited parking options in downtown Freehold, because they could be spending a lot of time in the county seat, thanks to former Red Bank parking director Neil Burnip.


This week’s Hub reports that Burnip, perhaps the thinnest-skinned Brit ever to leave that scepter’d isle, has followed through on his threat to file suit against the borough. He’s seeking $11.5 million in damages and compensation for what he says was discrimination based on his nationality.

In addition to prosecuting his lawsuit—he’s acting as his own attorney at the moment—Burnip may have to defend himself against allegations of sexual assault and harassment raised by a Red Bank employee. The woman’s attorney recently put the borough on notice of a coming $5 million lawsuit that will allege Burnip stalked, improperly touched and otherwise harassed her between May and August of this year.

Borough Administrator Stanley Sickels is also expected to be named a defendant in that suit for his alleged failure to properly supervise Burnip.

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It’s on.

With five weeks to go until election day, the race for mayor and two council seats in Red Bank is fully underway, with campaign literature filling mailboxes and the candidates stumping door-to-door. Can the dinner-interruptus phone calls be far behind?

On Saturday, redbankgreen found Republican Councilman and mayoral hopeful John Curley and his running mates—Grace Cangemi and David Pallister—pounding the pavement on the lower East Side near Pinckney Road.

Council President Pasquale Menna, who’s running for mayor, and his Democratic crew—Councilman Arthur Murphy III and council contender Michael DuPont—were out knocking on doors Sunday on the lower West Side.

Voters looking for a head-to-head comparison of the candidates might want to mark the date of Wednesday, Oct. 11 on their calendars.

That night, starting at 7p, the Westside Community Group will hold its 10th annual Candidates Night in the community room of River Street Commons (the former school building at the corner of River Street and Shrewsbury Avenue, now used for senior housing.)

If the event is anything like last year’s, it should be quite a show. And if you add the Southies to the mix, with their ire over soaring taxes, and the Westies, burned up over declining quality-of-life issues, and it’s a must-see.

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