Fatalcrash1A sheet covers the body of a victim outside the Salvation Army building.

A horrific multi-car accident on Newman Springs Road left one person dead and an unknown number of others injured Wednesday evening.

Information about the person killed and the sequence of events was unavailable last night. The crash is being investigated by Tinton Falls Police.

The accident occurred at roughly 6:30p, and left three wrecked vehicles and a trail of debris covering 75 to 100 yards.

"I spent 20 years on the streets of Jersey City as a policeman, and I've never seen anything like this," nearby resident Ulysses Scott told redbankgreen as he surveyed the scene.

Fatalcrash3Fatalcrash2The car at left slid to a stop on its roof east of Garden Place. A third vehicle, at right, was also involved. (Click to enlarge)

To the west, opposite Springdale Avenue, lay two wrecked cars.

One, a black sedan with crushed sides and roof, was on the sidewalk outside the Salvation Army building. A yellow tarp covered the victim alongside the vehicle.

Nearby was a badly crumpled silver Honda, also on the Red Bank side of the road, which divides Red Bank and Tinton Falls.

And some 75 to 100 yards away, just east of Garden Place, another dark-colored sedan  lay on its roof.

David Cooper, who lives at the corner of Garden and Newman Springs, said he heard the crash and opened his front door in time to see the sedan coming sliding to a halt on its roof in front of his house.

"It was just a pile of smoke," he said.

Cooper helped the two occupants of the overturned vehicle, whom he said were 17-year-old males, get out. He said one had a head injury but was coherent.

"Those guys are lucky to be alive," said Leo Zeik of Lincroft, who happened on the mayhem immediately afterward.

Because of the distance between the two locales, "I didn't even realize there were two other cars involved," he said.

According to an unconfirmed report, eight people were taken to hospitals.

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