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It’s June 1, 2106.

Today, redbankgreen is 100 years old.

For the residents of Red Bank, it seems redbankgreen has always been here. At least, its underlying spirit has.

From 1878 to 1991, the Red Bank Register stood as the model for what redbankgreen would aspire to carry on, weaving the story of Red Bank, its residents and its businesses around the events of its time.

In 2006, Mr. John T. Ward of Madison Avenue, its founder and first publisher, gave new life to this spirit through the creation of redbankgreen.

And like all nascent life, the early years were uncertain. At times John struggled but ultimately persisted, believing that redbankgreen needed to stand — even if he was the only one who could devote himself to ensuring it.

In year 17, he found help through a friend and partner dedicated to that mission — Mr. Kenneth J. Katzgrau Jr. of South Street. And the vision for a 100-year existence of redbankgreen became clear.

Many more publishers, staff, and community members have since been of help in carrying its torch. They saw the importance of its light. A light that stood for the vitality of Red Bank, its community, and the fun we had together.

For 100 years, this light has been ours to keep.

We did it together — all of us. Here’s to many more.