The Summer Shakespeare Ensemble returns for its annual plein-air production at Brookdale Community College, as A WINTER’S TALE continues for four more evening performances, July 17 – 20.

Is it a tragedy or a comedy? A breath mint or a candy mint? Scholars refer to William Shakespeare’s late-career play The Winter’s Tale as a “problem” play; a twisted romance that traces a dark and unhappy path for many of its characters (there’s that notorious stage direction “exit, pursued by a bear”), while not being above injecting a dose of magical serendipity in the service of a happy ending. The play, which opened last weekend as the latest in the long-running Summer Shakespeare Ensemble series at Brookdale Community College, continues just the way the Bard meant it — out of doors, under the sun and stars, on the lawn adjacent to Larrison Hall on the Lincroft campus — for four more performances, July 17 through 20.

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