Jenn Woods of Red Bank, who was narrowly edged out by David Prown in the e-mail race of correct answers to ‘Where’ no. 13, is the clear winner of contest no. 14. Having grown up in Little Silver and lived in the area her whole life, Jenn’s probably whistled past the cemetery on Rumson Road thousands of times.

And yes, that’s the answer: the cemetery on Rumson Road, at Conover Lane. According to an entry on the web—and we don’t vouch for the accuracy of this—it’s called the Old Rumson Burying Ground, and there’s a Springsteen somewhere in that spectral tangle of greenery. Daniel, “son of Joseph and Elizabeth, died April 18, 1862, aged 17y 8 m”

We’re not aware of any cemeteries in what is today Red Bank proper. Anybody know if there are or were any? If there weren’t, why not? And if there were, what happened to them? Were the dear departeds disinterred and shipped off to a home for the retired dead in Florida?

The answer box is now open for speculation on this mystery as well as for for entries attempting to solve this week’s ‘Where.’ E-mail ’em if you got ’em.

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