Last week’s ‘Where’ had barely been up an hour when, just before 1a Thursday, Dylan Barlett emerged from the velvety darkness to claim his latest win. “Lunch Break,” he wrote. “Also, your email links are broken.”

We’ve been known to screw up a link now and then. And yes, the shot was of a corner of the Lunch Break building on Drs. James Parker Boulevard, in Red Bank.

Congratulations to Dylan, a Little Silverian who knows this turf well. He’s a ‘Where’ regular, and this is the third time he’s beaten all comers to the draw. Past winners Dayna Stein of Dueling Steins fame and Jenn Wood also got it, but hours too late for the likes of the quick-draw Dylan.

Round 15: Cows. Maybe a yak. What is that thing? And of course, ‘Where?’ E-mail your answers, please.

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