For the first ‘Where’ of Spring 2007, we present what could be the final snow scene for the next nine or ten months. Yes, we know how broken up you are about this. Us, too.

But the cold hasn’t kept you indoors so much that you don’t know where this shot was taken. Are we right? Email us your ‘Where’ answers, please.

Now, turning to last week’s photo, which obviously showed a cityscape reflected by glass doors…

Well, maybe it was that whole mirror-effect thing, but we managed to flummox Jenn Woods, which regular readers know is not an easy task. Jenn recognized Riverside Towers, the red brick building visible in the center panel. She also identified the steel skeleton of the new PRC Corporate Center at the corner of West Front and Pearl streets (seen at lower right). But she couldn’t quite put them together to deduce the source.

We also stumped another regular, Alex Turoczi — twice. He first thought it was Teak restaurant on Monmouth Street, and later changed his guess to 75 West Front Street, Innovative Health.

Only Carl Colmorgen, part-time crossing guard and occasional scarecrow, got it right: the doors to 99 Monmouth Street, aka the Count Basie Theatre.

Thanks to all who sent in replies, and congrats to Carl.

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