Mike Halfacre was first-in with the ID of last week’s ‘Where:’ the Mulvihill Building at 569 River Road in the town where he’s mayor, Fair Haven.

Perhaps his River Road beautification plan calls for the restoration of the missing letters from the building’s name?

Bob & Debbie Colmorgen of Eatontown weren’t far behind. And Dayna Stein, hoping to see the ‘Dueling Steins‘ moniker make a reappearance in these pages, got her way, if not the correct location. Thanks to all who took the time to write in.

This week’s image requires a footnote. The spray-painted text on the sign is actually white, but showed up as black in all the shots we took. Extra credit for anyone who might tell us why.

Know the location, or simply want to get your name in the ‘Where’ ledger? Please shoot us an email.

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