Last week’s image: a brick-and-terracotta-tile wall.

Joanne Soper knew it right away. We also heard from Charles Hellings, who understandably recognized it because it , well, as he writes:

That’s my wall! Unless someone else has an identical one that is, the terracotta top is a dead give away. It runs along Third Street north of West River Road in Rumson…used to be the old Borden Estate. I have no idea how old that wall is, it was certainly here long before we moved in.

The original Borden was M.C.D. Borden, a late-19th century textile magnate and polo devotee from Massachussetts who died in 1912. The property was long the host site of garden shows. When his yacht, the Sovereign, was launched in 1896, it was the largest yet built in America, at 251 feet in length, according to a story in the New York Times. Download out-4.pdf

Oh, and need we mention that the Colmorgen brothers also came up with the location? They did their tag-team routine with Bob, who lives Eatontown, advising Carl, who lives in Red Bank, to go check out such-and-such location. We’re beginning to think we’ll have to start photographing the undersides of rocks to stump them.

Thanks to the folks who wrote in.

How about this week’s image? Who knows where it is? If you do, or just want to take a stab at it, please send us an email.

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