A resident of the western end of Bank Street sends us this today:


We had what appeared to be a pretty extensive manhunt wind up right in front of our house last night about 3:30 am…

Police from Tinton Falls, Little Silver, Shrewsbury and Red Bank — at one point 11 cop cars — converged at the end of Bank Street. Lights from James Parker (Blvd.) indicated there may have been more cops there.

A canine unit worked along the river down near James Parker. Cops went inside the big red house at 123 Bank — this is a vacant house that is a problem spot, attracting vagrants and homeless and drug users…

My hunch is the canine unit led them to the house. Anyway after about 20 minutes they came out with two people — one looked to be a woman, not sure of race. She didn’t look cuffed — maybe just a homeless person. The other perp was cuffed — looked Hispanic, male. Maybe that was the guy they were looking for.

One thing I would be sure to note — from watching, we had no way of knowing if either of the people arrested were the subject of the manhunt, or just people who happened to be in the house. Like I said, there’s homeless, etc. crashing in their all the time…

We have no word yet what this was all about. But it had nothing to do with the search for Anthony Sims, the fugitive wanted in connection with the Nov. 26 shootings of two men at the Montgomery Terrace Apartments, a police official tells us.

Of course, we’ll have an update as soon as we get it.

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