Mayor Pasquale Menna tells redbankgreen that the Red Bank First Aid Squad on Spring Street has opened its air conditioned facilities to the public while crews from JCP&L attempt to get the power back on as a result of the substation failure in Fair Haven.

“It’s spacious, it’s cool and they have water” for residents who find themselves sweltering at home, Menna says.

The northeast corner of Red Bank is affected by the outage, roughly from Prospect Avenue east, he says. That includes Menna’s home, on River Road.

Red Bank officials, like their counterparts in Fair Haven, have been told by the power company that service is expected to be restored by 6p for most of the area.

The borough council meeting scheduled for 7:30p is still on, though in consideration of the weather, Menna says he’s hoping it can be kept short.

Other events, including a brownie-baking contest at St. James, have been canceled, Menna says.

Earlier this afternoon, police say, three people were trapped for an hour or less in an elevator at 70 East Front Street, opposite Riverview Medical Center, before being rescued by members of the Red bank Volunteer Fire Department. We have no word at this point if the incident was was weather-related.

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