Just as having a computer makes everyone an expert on everything, so it seems that surviving this far into 2009 makes ’em all think they know what it’s like to Live the Blues.

Well, today’s Red Bank oRBit takes it straight to the source, to a guy who eats Blues for breakfast, brunch — and birthday dinner.


If you’ve spent any time in and around the upstanding establishments of the local music scene, you know Billy Hector (right) as a veteran of 30-plus years in the bands and barrooms of the Jersey Shore rough and tumble — an affable guitar god who speaks friendly and carries a ferocious axe attack. You’ve seen him play the strong persuader at nightspots like The Downtown, launch fireworks into the night at the Jazz & Blues Festival, and act the musical ambassador at venues up and down the east coast.

This Saturday, Hector celebrates his birthday with a big gig at the equally historic Wonder Bar in Asbury — and we’ve got an exclusive chat with the man, in which he expounds on everything from roots influences and missing friends, to new tricks and Powerpuff Girls.

It’s all there, with more picks to click coming for the weekend, only in Red Bank oRBit.