2015-LIBRARY_VIEW_shrunkPlanned upgrades for Brookdale’s Lincroft campus include new seating alcoves, landscaping and art installations, as pictured in this design rendering of the college’s Bankier Library. (Photos courtesy of Partner Engineering and Science) 

Press release from Brookdale Community College

Officials of Brookdale Community College have approved a $1,986,000 renovation project that will create a new “pedestrian thoroughfare” on the Lincroft campus.

The project, funded by the state and Monmouth County through the Chapter 12 capital improvement program, will transform the college’s existing rear walkway into the “Campus Gateway Path,” featuring decorative pavement, new landscaping, fencing, seating alcoves, art installations and ornamental lighting. The renovations will stretch from the Performing Arts Center on the north end of the Lincroft campus, to the Collins Arena on the south end. Improvements will also be made to the entrance and walkway of the Monmouth Museum, with all phases of the project expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

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