CareerDayLiturgezFormer Olympian Bryan Leturgez addressed a group of seventh grade students at Knollwood School, during a recent Career Day presentation at the Fair Haven school.

Press release from Fair Haven School District

“Have you set a goal for the year 2014?,” former U.S. Olympic bobsledder Bryan Leturgez asked members of his rapt audience. And when the question elicited no response, he countered, “Then how are you going to get where you want to be?”

This did not occur at a business training seminar but during Career Day 2014 at Knollwood School in Fair Haven. On a recent Thursday, the seventh grade students were given an opportunity to meet working professionals from the community to gain insight and guidance.

Pamela Greenhall, Knollwood School Counselor, has organized this event for the past 12 years and added an innovative twist this year. After having the seventh grade students complete an assessment designed to determine their likely career paths, Greenhall collected the data and contacted local professionals in those occupations for appearances at Career Day.

“As it turned out, we had a lot of girls looking at potential careers in some sort of counseling, so we invited Social Worker Gretchin Morgan to make a presentation,” said Greenhall.

In addition to Leturgez and Morgan, professionals meeting with students included K-9 Officer Jay Aretina of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, Special Agents Debra Bassinder and Robert Glantz of the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation Division, Pediatric Dentist Christine Henry, Operations Engineer Tracey Liberi, United Airlines Flight Attendant Theresa Winters, and Veterinarian Jackie Santos.

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