taxiCab drivers in Red Bank are opposed to a proposal to raise fees and increase the number of cars allowed to operate in the borough. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


A proposal to increase the number of taxis allowed to operate in town and to hike the license fees has Red Bank hacks riled up.

About a dozen taxi drivers and dispatchers who believe the current rules work just fine came to take up a few rows in the council chambers Monday night, when the ordinance change was introduced.

The council had decided to amend the ordinance to curb what it sees as a hording problem in which larger companies buy and sit on licenses without using them, thereby squeezing out competition.

That just isn’t the case, says Gary Damanti, who represents Red Bank Yellow Car Company.

“I think a lot of the steps in this ordinance really address problems that don’t exist,” he said.

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