collegeworkshopRed Bank Regional Guidance Counselor Jill Maline (kneeling) instructs rising senior Cassidy Charette during a college application workshop program at RBR.

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

Ceara Gagliano of Little Silver stated, “I think this is really helpful and it takes the stress out of doing it during the school year.”

Matthew Collado of Shrewsbury expressed hope that the program would better help him understand the daunting college application process, so it wasn’t “so scary.”

James Fogerty of Red Bank “heard about this college application program from my friends and thought it would be a great help, especially with the college essay.

While the preparation for and taking of the college entrance tests are a major source of angst for college-bound high school students, nothing says crunch time like the fall of the senior year, when all those college applications are due.  Red Bank Regional High School has sought to significantly ease that stress by providing a multi-session, special college application workshop to its students this summer.

In all, over 50 students took part in the program. The students were first encouraged to create a student resume and fill out their “self assessment survey,” which aids teachers as they write recommendations for their students.

Unlike just a few years ago, the college application process is now totally digital. Students are responsible for sending their final application electronically (either through the colleges’ websites or through commonapp.org) with their application fee payment. Guidance counselors send all other supporting materials on-line including, transcripts and teacher recommendations through the Naviance system.

Addressing each student at their computer station during the first session of the workshop, RBR Guidance Counselor Jill Maline stated, “By the end of your last session, you should be able just go home and submit your applications electronically.”

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