20140114_154000What happened to the snow? Must be the work of Snow Angels — such as Knollwood seventh-grader Emma DeSantis, who recently assisted Nancy Drake with snow removal as part of Fair Haven’s “Be A Good Neighbor” program.

Press release from Fair Haven School District

Traditional snow angels are created when exuberant youths jump into freshly fallen snow and leave behind the image of a heavenly creature.

Snow angels of a different kind abound in Fair Haven, and these real-life angels are also found after a snowfall. The snow angels of Fair Haven, however, are students wielding shovels.

Over 70 students at Knollwood School in Fair Haven are currently enrolled in the Be A Good Neighbor (BAGN) Program, which was initiated eight years ago by then-Mayor Joe Szostak to assist senior citizens with snow removal.

Thanks to community volunteers who currently administer the program, and the help of students in sixth through eighth grade, the sight of falling snow no longer creates anxiety on the part of local participating seniors. The program also eases worry for the seniors’ grown children, who often live too far away to assist them after a snowfall.

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