nj.com census map 101615A new interactive map developed by NJ.com, the website of the Star-Ledger, enables users to zoom down to nearly the street level to show where every one of New Jersey’s more than 8.9 million residents lives, as well as the race and ethnicity of each, according to the 2010 Census.

The map doesn’t pinpoint the exact address of every resident: that would be creepy, wrote NJ.com reporter Stephen Stirling. Instead, developers at NJ Advance Media “created a dot for each person of each race within each Census block, and scattered them randomly throughout their representative geography,” he said. The result, said Stirling, “is the most detailed look at race in New Jersey possible with information available today.”

The effect is highly detailed image that shows while the state is the most diverse in the nation, the Greater Red Bank Green is a near monoculture of whites (represented by blue dots) outside Red Bank’s West Side, which is home to dense concentrations of Hispanic and African-American residents. And even those two groups are somewhat segregated, the data suggests. (Screen grab from NJ.com)


fh-stores-2007Stores at Fair Haven Road and River Road in 2007. (Click to enlarge)

Fair Haven got quite an effusive plug in the real estate section of the Sunday New York Times, which characterized the borough as a middle-class “small-town USA” with a history of diversity.

From the article:

“You could take Fair Haven, pick it up and plop it down in the middle of Kansas and nobody would bat an eye,” said Mayor Michael Halfacre, a lifelong resident. About two-thirds of the parents at his children’s soccer games, he added, went to high school with him.

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