GoldenBoysYou’re gold, babe, don’t change: Fabian, Frankie Avalon and Bobby Rydell are the Golden Boys, back for another go-round of timeless teen pop hits, Friday night at Basie’s place.

The Three Tenors? Mere copycat crooners. Those American Idol tours? Idle pretenders to the throne. One Direction? Take a number, because when the Boys come back to town, the gold standard of idol-dom will never be more clear.

It’s approaching 30 years since a trio of 1950s-early 60s era teen idol sensations — Frankie Avalon, Fabian Forte and Bobby Rydell — first joined forces as the Golden Boys of Bandstand, for a package tour that went on to extend their pop moment well into the new millennium. Having each emerged from the same South Philly hotbed of homegrown talent, the Brylcreemed contemporaries — onetime competitors for the amorous attentions of your great-aunt Judy — put aside their jukebox rivalry and keyed into a good thing that’s brought them to worldwide audiences, a White House command performance, and a top-rated PBS special. When the apparently ageless Boys return to the stage of the Count Basie Theatre on Friday night, October 10, they’ll be working a streetcorner that continues to attract new fans.

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