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The new rooftop deck at Teak, with the onetime borough hall in the background, is the setting for a fashion show featuring stylings by downtown shops. (Photo by Life as Fine Art. Click to enlarge)

Downtown Red Bank will be the scene of its first open-air fashion show in recent memory next month.

The aim of the event is to “showcase that retail is very much alive in our amazing little city,” said Angela Courtney, owner of the Sweetest Sin lingerie shop on White Street.

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Jen McFadden and Raider, a racing hound/terrier mix, who made himself right at home at Joel McFadden Designs pending adoption. Below, a vanload of animals saved from southern shelters makes a stop in Somerset County. (Photos by Danielle Tepper. Click to enlarge)


It’s approximately 11 p.m. on a brisk fall Friday night when an unmarked white van pulls into a shopping center parking lot. Under the glow of a street lamp, a half-dozen people wait impatiently to get their hands on what’s inside.

To a passerby, it might appear that a shady operation is taking place. But when the side door slides open, it doesn’t reveal drugs or stolen appliances. Instead, the van is stacked crate-upon-crate with wildly barking dogs.

The van is a transport, part of an independent rescue mission and underground railroad of sorts. The people waiting are new foster caretakers and adopters of these starving and scared animals that have been saved from certain death at southern animal shelters.

Among them is Red Bank’s Jen McFadden, who has been a proactive member of this cause for almost two years – and her résumé includes over 250 rescues.

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lairds-in-winterMary Ann Goodwin’s “Laird’s in Winter” is but one of the applejack artworks of local scenery now on display at Middletown Main Library.

Babies, it’s cold outside as we suit up for a December edition of our monthly artwalk through the winter-greying ‘green. Cold enough to freeze your wine and cheese, for sure. Cold enough to geler your Giclée, and to turn a Plein Air painting session into just plein hell.

Fortunately, the galleries and public spaces of greater Red Bank offer up some warm and welcoming refuges from both the cold and the cacophony of the calendar-year caboose. So if squinting at your next-door neighbor’s hi-wattage holiday display isn’t doing it for you, join us for a change of scenery that begins just past that virtual velvet rope.

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