avidtwoPress release from Red Bank Regional High School 

Seven years ago, Red Bank Regional High School implemented a national college preparatory program called AVID (Advancement through Individual Determination) to help students challenge themselves to perform their best academically. All of this preparation has paid off, since all AVID students have taken at least one AP or IB course, the most challenging classes offered at RBR.

This year, the successful program has entered a new phase; one where seniors, who are in the fourth year of the program, lead the important “tutorology” segment aiding the lower classmen.

The program is different than tutoring in the traditional sense. As RBR senior and AVID student, Khalia Smith explains, “When the students have a question, the tutor does not answer it, but asks them questions using their own notes, homework or textbooks. This way we guide them so they can use these methods to find the answers themselves.”

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