Hair4HeroesPress release from Hometown Heroes

All around us there are people in need: hungry kids, homeless veterans, teen moms, ailing seniors, and so many more.  In every community, our friends and neighbors are experiencing enormous challenges in their lives and can use a helping hand. Eager to help make a difference, “Hair for Heroes” is a nationwide fundraising event created by Christine Zilinski of Salon Concrete in partnership with Hometown Heroes, an organization that provides financial support, professional assistance and advocacy to any individual or family who suddenly finds themselves in a crisis.

On Monday, November 10, 2014 Salon Concrete will host a “Hair for Heroes” day in the salon, offering haircuts for a $50 donation to support Hometown Heroes and those who are struggling in the community. Salon guests will receive top quality haircuts, and will feel good about supporting a cause that directly impacts their own local community.

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