ptak 2 101513Peter Ptak gasses up his gasless car with free power supplied by his solar energy system. (Click to enlarge)


By all outward appearances, Pete Ptak may be the greenest guy on the Green.

The Red Bank resident has racked up his West Westside Avenue home with solar panels, just as he did with two houses across the street when he owned them and another he still owns.

In fact, he recently went through a major upgrade, replacing his panels with newer ones that suck up tons more power from the sun than the older ones, and adding others to his backyard shed.

Now, having cut his household utility bills to less than zero, he’s putting that free juice to work when he’s on the move. He claims to have the only Toyota Rav4 EV all-electric car in New Jersey. And thanks to the hardware on the roof of his house and shed, it costs him nothing to fuel.

But to Ptak, it’s not about saving the planet. It’s about saving money.

“I don’t care about being green,” Ptak tells redbankgreen. “The green I care about is the green that comes out of my wallet.”

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