_DSC0003The reviewer from the Times says a visit to the White Street restaurant is “worth it.” (Photo by Peter Lindner; click to enlarge)

Dish, a restaurant on White Street in Red Bank, scored a positive review in the Metropolitan section of the New York Times Sunday.

Food critic Karla Cook, however, had some issues with the ventilation system and a door chime.

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jack-anderson-072110Landlord Jack Anderson says he’s gotten a number of proposals for the former Ashes space. (Click to enlarge)

A collective groan was heard through downtown Red Bank earlier this month went a court-appointed official abruptly shut down Ashes Cigar Bar, a high-profile if controversial eatery and bar that served as a nightlife anchor for more than a decade.

Just what we need when the retail and restaurant sectors are struggling to claw back to profitability, store owners said: a honking big vacancy in a town with plenty of small and medium-sized ones. How will the building’s owner find a tenant to replace Ashes in this economy?

Well, landlord Jack Anderson doesn’t think the outlook is dire. He says he’s already got offers for the three-story building on his desk across the street at Jack’s Music Shoppe, and he’s “motivated” to get a deal done ASAP.

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rb-corp-plaza Except for limited office use, Red Bank Corporate Plaza has been empty since completion two years ago.

By Dustin Racioppi

Red Bank’s comeback from the depths of the economic downturn may turn out to be based on an unexpected foundation: pizza.

In recent months, one large pizza restaurant has opened, a second one  has committed to the downtown, and a third, smaller one is rumored to be coming.

Now, a fourth pizzeria appears about to take over a huge retail space in a white-elephant office, retail and parking complex on West Front Street. And this one could have a coveted liquor license.

Leonardo DiMaria, a co-owner a place to be called Pazzo’s Coal Fired Oven Restaurant, tells redbankgreen a sublease on some 4,900 square feet of space at Red Bank Corporate Plaza is “pretty much done. We should be signing the lease Tuesday or Wednesday.”

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