WeirdAl RobThomas“Weird Al” Yankovic brings his Mandatory World Tour to the Basie stage on Tuesday night…while Rob Thomas returns to station stop Red Bank for another two-night stand on Friday and Saturday.  

Don’t look now, but not only has “Weird Al” Yankovic scored the first Billboard popchart-topping comedy album in all of human history — and not only has the MTV-era novelty act entered his fourth decade of performing with the polished legitimacy of three Grammy awards — but his amiable brand of parody has far outlasted the prime-time careers of many of those whose momentary hits he tweaked for posterity.

It’s a growing group that includes Toni Basil, Gerardo, Men Without Hats, the Offspring, Tiffany, Tone Loc, and (arguably) Usher, Beck, and Madonna. With his accordion as his axe, the artist brings his Mandatory World Tour to Red Bank’s Count Basie stage on Tuesday, July 28, still surfing the momentum generated by his year-old Mandatory Fun album and its savvy takes on hits by Pharrell Williams, Iggy Azalea and Lorde. Read More »


rob_thomas12Matchbox Twenty frontguy Rob Thomas strikes out solo once more, on an acoustic tour that takes him to station stop Red Bank for a two-show two-fer on Tuesday and Wednesday.  

His hitmaking career is closing in on twenty years, at a point when many of his 1990s chart-topping contemporaries have either been relegated to the cutout bin, or cut themselves out of the game entirely. But if Rob Thomas possesses some closely guarded secret of longevity in a famously fickle field, it probably has more to do with a perfectly unglamorous work ethic than any crossroads deal with the devil. The frontman of the on-again, off-again Matchbox Twenty — a multiple Grammy winner, chart-topping songwriter, and founder of the animal rescue Sidewalk Angels Foundation — has lent his pop instincts to collaborations with Hall of Fame heavyweights (Carlos Santana, Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson, Stevie Wonder), and a high-profile mentoring gig on TV’s The Voice that left fans and producers wanting more. But it’s as a solo act that Thomas takes the Count Basie stage this week, for a TWO night stand that takes its time unfolding over the evenings of May 6 and 7.

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