DCIM100GOPRORed Bank Regional senior Samantha Sidun of Little Silver (left) is pictured in Ghana with her Global Leadership Adventures mentor Ashley Randall and fellow volunteer Lindsay Harris, at the foot of the compost toilet they constructed to improve the health and environment of the local people.

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

For two weeks in July, Red Bank Regional High School senior Samantha “Sam” Sidun of Little Silver worked with fellow American teenagers to construct compost toilets in the agricultural village of Dzita in Ghana. She was inspired to join the Global Leadership Adventures (GLA) group after hearing about the program from a friend at RBR who had joined the program last year. But as Sam explains, she was also drawn to the idea of actually doing something to promote world health. Sam financed the trip in part from money she raised over two years in babysitting and a summer job at a local beach club.

For the two week trip, a group of 18 teenagers were divided into two groups, each tasked to construct a compost toilet. In their downtime, they were able to learn about the Ghanaianculture and government and meet the locals at a soccer tournament or the local swimming lake. Many things strongly impressed Sam, like the symbols in everyone’s homes to ward off evil spirits, juxtaposed with Christian Church services which were five hours long.

“The point of the mission was healthcare and sustainability,” Sam explains. “Many households do not have sanitary systems, and as a result, dysentery kills more children than AIDS and malaria.”

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