Shrimp, arugula and capellini pasta at the newly opened GiGi’s New York Style Pizza and Restaurant. (Photo by Susan Ericson. Click to enlarge)


Admiring the new street lights installed as part of a streetscape makeover on Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright earlier this week, PieHole spied the equally new GiGi’s New York Style Pizza and Restaurant.

Located next door to Melonhead in a space that most recently housed the Black Swine restaurant, which moved to a larger spot a block away, Gigi’s turns out to be owned by familiar faces: chef Kenny Gambella and his wife, Kelly, who also own Sonny’s Sandwich Shop just down the street.

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WhatsGoingOnHererbpl bulkhead 061016 2The new Navesink River bulkhead at the Red Bank Public Library, as seen from the natural shoreline at Maple Cove. Below, a June, 1906 Red Bank Register article reported on Sigmund Eisner’s plans for the property, including the installation of a bulkhead. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

eisner bulkhead June 6, 1906

This month 110 years ago, the Navesink River site that would later become the home of the Red Bank Public Library was about to get its first bulkhead.

Over the ensuing century, such hard-stop bulkheads came to be regarded as a flawed means of protecting shorelines: less effective at blunting storm ravages than natural shores, and unfriendly to marine life. So when it authorized a controversial new bulkhead two years ago, the borough council relented to public pressure and asked that the replacement incorporate whatever elements possible to make it more like a so-called living shoreline.

In the end, however, the new bulkhead, completed this month. is pretty much the same as the old one.

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Not everyone’s thinking about the beach. (Click to enlarge)

Summer rolls in this weekend. “Unofficially,” as they say, though there’s no mistaking the change of gears, outerwear and mindsets that accompanies the arrival of Memorial Day and lasts until the first school bus of summer pulls up in September.

redbankgreen intern Stacie Fanelli hit the streets of the Green this week to gather some thoughts of summer.

What’s your favorite local summer hangout?

“Either here [J. Rooster] or Jamian’s in Red Bank.  It’s nice how’s the door’s wide open to street.”

Jeremy Haney (owner of J. Rooster, a new bakery/cafe in Fair Haven, lives in Old Bridge)


What’s your favorite local summer hangout?

“I fish a lot, so I’ll be doing a lot of fishing at Sandy Hook and Island Beach State Park.”

Ken Barker, Middletown

Will you be going to the beach?

“I’m not a big sun person and we have a beautiful deck at home, so why do I have to go to the beach?”

Pat Barker, Middletown

What do you look forward to most this summer?

“I look forward to sitting outside eating. This place (Broad Street) has a tendency to be like live theater. I look forward to seeing more action around here.”

Mike Rovere, Red Bank

What do you look forward to most this summer?

“Everyone was looking forward to the fireworks, but those were canceled, so there goes that. Just a lot of people to town would be nice. I sit on the bench almost daily with a cup of coffee and watch people go by.”

Joe Buonacquista, Red Bank

What do you look forward to most this summer?

“I’m looking forward to swimming in the ocean every single day.”

Jimmy Ryan, Sea Bright



Will you be at the beach in the next few months?

“I’m staying away from the Jersey Shore. It’s the personality of the shore. I love the beach, but I hate the shore.”

-Joe Lamicela, Middletown

Will you be at the beach in the next few months?

“I’ll be off Sandy Hook [in Sea Bright]. The locals call it Via Ripa. There are no Bennys there, so it’s great.”

-Megan Massa, Middletown


What’s your favorite local summer hangout?

“Outside at New Corner Restaurant. I don’t have much of a family. They’re like my family. I’ve adopted them; they’ve adopted me.”

John Hutzley, Red Bank


sb-ocean-aveThe Census Bureau reports that Sea Bright lost 22 percent of its population from 2000 to 2010. No way, says the mayor. (Click to enlarge)

Municipalities along the length of New Jersey’s Atlantic Coast saw dramatic declines in year-round populations. the Star-Ledger reports, citing new Census Bureau data.

Among them: Sea Bright. Though the mayor there, like her counterparts elsewhere along the Shore, isn’t buying it.

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