Led by KYDS principals Rodney Salomon and Mychal Mills, incoming RBR freshmen learned to lean on one another in a contiguous circle swaying back and forth in a yoga tree pose. (Photo courtesy of Red Bank Regional. Click to enlarge)

(Press release from Red Bank Regional High School)

Little Silver:  “What is stressful to you about high school?” Rodney Salomon asked rising Red Bank Regional (RBR) ninth graders.

The students responded with a variety of answers, including:  “friendships—breaking ones apart and finding new ones,” “school work,” “the upperclassmen looking down on you.”

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SummerSlamStudents at Summer Slam, the month-long high school transition program for rising freshmen at RBR, participate in a hula-hoop dance courtesy of the Community YMCA.

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

The phrase “lazy days of summer” does not apply to Red Bank Regional High School — at least in the mornings when the school is abuzz with various programs to maintain and sharpen student skills for September.

The largest program is Summer Slam, with over 90 students representing all sending towns of the regional school district.  This year marked Summer Slam’s 14th year of operation in preparing incoming freshmen for the very different world of high school. The program runs throughout the month of July, for four mornings a week. It is operated by the Source, RBR’s School-Based Youth Services program, and supervised by the Source Director Suzanne Keller. Ms. Keller is also the director of the RBR Freshman Academy, which provides continuity for the school’s newest students once they begin their high school careers.

Ms. Keller states of the program, “Summer Slam is primarily an academic program to prepare our kids for the rigors of high school and bridge the skill slide that research shows occurs during school vacations. It is also a great opportunity for kids to meet their classmates from other towns, so they will know just a few more faces, including their teachers, when the doors officially open for their first year of high school.”

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summreslamart-1RBR students draw their partners’ portraits during a special art session with the Community YMCA’s Holly Haines during the special speakers’ visit in Summer Slam, an RBR freshman transitional program.  (Click to enlarge)

RBR Community Information Officer

During one day in July, rising Red Bank Regional (RBR) freshmen were running relays across the cafeteria floor, and dropping for push-ups in a mini-version of boot camp.  The next period they were team-drawing a pictorial class story. Students also participated in experimentation with percussion instruments creating a short acoustical symphony. Fun turned to social awareness as they learned about environmental advocacy and the mission to help feed the less fortunate with dignity at Soul Kitchen, the Red Bank Community restaurant.

These programs were all part of a special day of guest visitors who shared their skills and knowledge with Red Bank Regional’s Summer Slam, a freshman transition program which is operated by The SOURCE, RBR’s School-based Youth Services Program.

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