SM_Day_3Press release from Red Bank Charter School

Administrators and teachers at Red Bank Charter School are no strangers to the constantly evolving technology and social media world. Every day they hear students discussing a video they viewed on YouTube, or a funny meme from Instagram. Some even incorporate social media carefully into lesson plans and homework reminders.

They’re also aware, however, that there are two sides to the technology coin, and that social media’s darker side shouldn’t be ignored. For that reason, RBCS hosted a Social Media Smarts Workshop, which brought its 6th-8th grade students together with local high school students from Red Bank Regional High School for interactive discussions. The Social Media Smarts Workshop — led by current RBR students Jessica Hansen and Teicia Gaupp, with Nicole Paventi, certified Teen Outreach Program facilitator and former RBR student — was held at Red Bank Charter School on Wednesday, April 13.

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rb walkers 050115 3The Red Bank Bosom Buddies, seen here in May, are, from left: Teicia Gaupp, Jenny Rossano, Janice Havay, Sandy Riddle, Beth Hanratty and Jen Shields. Missing is Cristie Ritz King. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

rb walkers 050115 2Halfway to their fundraising goal, seven Red Bank women who each plan to walk 39 miles in two days next month have lined up restaurant deals for others who also want to help battle breast cancer.

The self-christened Bosom Buddies — Sandy Riddle, Janice Havay, Beth Fields, Cristie Ritz King, Jenny Rossano, Jen Shields and Teicia Gaupp — plan to participate in the AVON 39 Walk for Breast Cancer in Manhattan  October 17 and 18.

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rb walkers 050115 1The walkers, from left, are: Janice Havay, Sandy Riddle, Beth Hanratty, Jen Shields, Teicia Gaupp, and Jenny Rossano. Missing from the photo is Cristie Ritz King. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

rb walkers 050115 2Seven Red Bank woman, “angry” about the loss of friends and family members to breast cancer, plan to walk 39 miles over two days in October to raise money for research to prevent the disease.

But first comes a party.

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AmyByrnes TeiciaGaupp CristieRitzKingAmy Byrnes, Teicia Gaupp and Cristie Ritz King are the special guests on Thursday, as River Road Books hosts the women of Jersey Moms Blog. 

Here’s what might just be a first for River Road Books, the resolutely indie bookstore that’s regularly welcomed in-person appearances by a hard-copy host of authors in the mystery, history, young adult, self-help, romance and children’s genres.

This Thursday evening, October 23, the local propagators of the printed page host a trio of writers — none of whom apparently have a printed book to promote. In fact, these three women have made their names as bloggers, that peculiar subculture of humanity that some dead-tree diehards blame in part for turning their world topsy-turvy.

While there’s no word as to whether the featured guests will be signing tablet and smartphone screens with a silver Sharpie, they’ll be happy to read from their works and discussing the virtual-world vehicle that’s brought their words to thousands of faithful readers: Jersey Moms Blog.

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teicia-gaupp-1Teicia Gaupp at Zebu Forno recently. Her house on Tower Hill Avenue, below, as it appeared for many months… (Click to enlarge)

gaupp-houseTeicia Gaupp of Red Bank has a wreck of a story to tell. And in the manner of confessional bloggers, she’s going to tell it.

For almost two years, Gaupp, her husband, Rob, and two young sons had to endure the indignity of walking away from a home-remodeling project gone sour, sticking their Tower Hill Avenue neighbors with the unsightly vision of an unfinished, plywood-sheathed hulk.

The Gaupps had bought the house, then a two-family, in 2001, a year before they were married. She worked in the Manhattan media swirl, he in environmental engineering. The effort to turn the place into their single-family dream home began in August, 2008.

But almost immediately, things started going wrong.

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