Leave it to a guy who spends his days tarring roofs and uses the name “hotmop” in his e-mail address to be first to guess the location of last week’s Where, which showed a rusting ladder in a dying tree.

Joe Ruffini, himself the subject of a redbankgreen feature last week (he’s the guy building the evironmentally ‘green’ roof atop his Maple Avenue house), was the first of several readers to accurately identify the location as the southwest corner of Irving Place and Broad Street.

No entries have been received for several weeks now from the dueling Steins, Dayna and Larry. Knowing them both, we suspect they’re being magnanimous and letting others taste the glory of winning. And as always, winning this game is a feat rewarded only with the sense of glory. In other words, no tangible goods.


Now, onto this week’s picture. Because our knowledge about agriculture is limited to vague memories of ‘Green Acres’ episodes, we’d be as interested in knowing what’s going on here as where it’s going on. Feel free to make stuff up.

As usual, we ask that you e-mail your guesses rather than sending them via Comments.