Dog-walkin’ visual artist Wendy Born Hollander was the only reader to correctly identify last week’s ‘Where,’ which showed the number 61 above the word ‘office’ and a bent arrow. It’s a sign painted on a small building on West Street, opposite Juanito’s Restaurant.

You may recognizae Wendy’s name. She was the subject of a redbankgreen feature story a couple of weeks back. Likewise, Joe Ruffini, who’s building the environmentally ‘green’ roof atop his house on Maple Avenue, is another feature subject and ‘Where’ winner. We know we shouldn’t extrapolate from so little data, but it does seem that if you want to win, your chances are improved if 1.) you’ve been written up here or 2.) you’re a Stein.

This week’s ‘Where’ comes tinged with a sense of the past. Recognize it? Send your guesses to us via e-mail rather than using the Comments, please. And thanks for playing.