A Little Silver attorney in a Manhattan-based personal injury practice has pleaded guilty with his sole partner to stealing $275,000 from clients.


According to a report in Thursday’s New York Times, Michael Mann, 40, of Little Silver, pleaded guilty with his partner, Joshua Just, a New York City resident, to billing at least 10 clients for expenses that were never incurred by the firm, known as Mann & Just.

The North Country Gazette, a publication specializing in investigative reporting, says:

Mann and Just pleaded guilty to first degree scheme to defraud before New York State Judge Michael Ambrecht. Under the terms of the plea, each defendant will pay $206,875, in restitution, forfeiture, and surcharges, and will be sentenced to five years probation and 400 hours of community service…

As a result of their felony pleas, they face mandatory disbarment…

Mann could not be reached for comment.