New Jersey Attorney General Zulima Farber, who had 12 speeding tickets, four bench warrants issued for her arrest and three license suspensions even before her questionable intervention in a Bergen County traffic stop involving her boyfriend in May, has been asked to resign, according to the Star-Ledger.

The newspaper, citing “a senior Democratic official familiar with the meeting” between Gov. Jon Corzine and Farber, says Corzine made the request earlier today. The request followed the filing of a report by Richard J. Williams, a special prosecutor appointed by Corzine, who concluded that Farber hadn’t broken any laws, but had violated state ethics rules when she raced to the scene of a traffic stop involving her boyfriend, lawyer Hamlet Goore, on a traffic violation.

According to a story moved by the Associated Press, Williams said in a report to Corzine that

Farber violated state ethics laws by “approving actions which allowed Mr. Goore to drive his vehicle home.” Specifically, Williams pointed to ethics code provisions that say state officials should not use their positions to receive “unwarranted privileges, benefits, or advantages for themselves or others.”

According to the Ledger:

The sources said Farber did not immediately agree to resign and it remains unclear whether she will honor the governor’s request or fight for her job.