The elusive nature of place, and especially of new destinations, is the subject of a show of 18 photographs by Andi Monick that opens Friday night at the McKay Gallery.


What links all the images in the show, called “TRANSITion: Scenes From A Moving Train,” is that they were taken by the artist as she rode the rails.

“When traveling, you often compare what you are seeing to your preconceived expectation of it,” Monick says in a prepared statement. “And so it becomes a mix of those things. Something in between. Something concerning the idea of place rather than the place itself.”

Her photographs, Monick says, seek to “capture these places in between, between dream and reality or reality and memory, the intangible moment when things are becoming clear or beginning to fade.”

The gallery calls the collection a “photographic meditation” in which “you will see how form and color can transport you to a place in the artist’s mind.”

Monick got involved in photography as a student at Brookdale Community College, and now works as a photographer for the Monmouth County Parks Department.

A reception is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 27, from 7p to 10. The show runs through Nov. 26.

McKay Gallery is upstairs at 12 Monmouth Street. Hours are 1p to 7p, Wednesdays and Thursdays, or by appointment (732 842-2272).

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