An architect and member of the Fair Haven Zoning Board was indicted earlier this week on federal charges of shaking down a contractor for $100,000 in connection with his work in Bayonne.


Today’s Jersey Journal has the details on the case against Avelino “Al” Sambade.

The indictment focuses on Sambade’s involvement as architect and manager in a $13.1 million senior citizens housing project that’s now in the final stage of development. The indictment alleges that in 2003 Sambade demanded a payment of $300,000 from an unnamed general contractor—which the Journal reports is “known to be Cutting Edge Construction of Bayonne”—to expedite the job. He eventually collected $100,000 in bribes, according to the charges.

Sambade turned himself in to federal authorities on Wednesday and was released on bail.

Through a lawyer, he denied the charges.

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