High fives to Peg Riley of Shrewsbury, who was the first to identify last week’s ‘Where.’ It’s a sculpture at the Guild of Creative Art on Broad Street (Route 35) in Shrewsbury, opposite The Grove, and a full view is at left.

The piece is titled “Dancers,” and it’s by Sid Martin, a member of the Guild who died in 1996. His widow, Susan Martin, of Ocean Township, tells us that she and Sid were big fans of the ballet, and that “Dancers” was inspired by Bugaku, the ancient dance and music of the Japanese Imperial Court.

Sid created more than 40 large pieces in a similar style, including a series of geometric forms. The works, which are all fiberglass on styrofoam, can be seen on the grounds of the Monmouth Reformed Temple on Hance Avenue in Tinton Falls.


This week: a ghostly silhouette in brick, yes. Ahh, but where?

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