We had two readers venture that last week’s image of a brick wall with a spectral silhouette of a house inlaid in it was from the Red Bank Middle School.

Sorry, no. And otherwise, the guess box was devoid of entries. Thus, we have no winners to report this week. Perhaps you detect the note of unspeakable sadness in our words.

The photo was taken on Newman Springs Road and shows a portion of the Kitchen & Bathworks/United Supply building. It’s on the Shrewsbury side of the road, next door to the AW Eurostile tile business.

Perhaps you’ll have better luck with this week’s? Yes, we know that the image lacks a certain what-the-French-call “frame of reference.” But this object is in a place that’s visible to hundreds of onlookers daily, many of them no doubt bored and thus easily captivated by simple iconography. Or whatever. Obviously, we got nowhere with that whole “spectral silhouette” approach, so perhaps we’re trying too hard.

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