After a continuous, 18-year slog of borough council meetings, planning board sessions and rubber-chicken dinners from here to Trenton, departing Mayor Ed McKenna is about to find some gaping holes in his schedule.

More fundamentally, at age 56, he may also find himself pondering the question, ‘What do I really want to do now?’

Sure, he can golf from LaJolla to Lahinch until he’s red in the face. But really, is that a meaningful way for a man at the peak of his strengths to spend his time?

Yes, he’s got a successful law practice, but he’s been grinding on that wheel, too, for many years. Besides, would the credit union industry really miss one drop-out attorney?

This is the era of self-reinvention, and the possibilities for a person of McKenna’s skills and experience are almost limitless. Radio call-in host. Lobbyist. No Joe’s barista.

There’s almost too much to choose from. But fortunately for McKenna, the readers of redbankgreen are standing by, ready to offer guidance on his next move.

We’re asking readers to tell us, via the Comments function below, what they think McKenna should consider as his next career, and what makes him qualified for that role.

Live mannequin? Used-car salesman at Jim Curley Pontiac? Web entrepreneur? SuperFoodtown greeter?

As long as it’s within certain vague bounds of civility, we’ll let even the most outrageous suggestion fly.

The best idea, as judged by the staff of redbankgreen, wins a redbankgreen t-shirt. Deadline is midnight, Dec. 31.

The floor is now open, folks.

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