Garden gnome put out for trash pickup? Street sculpture? Munchkin in a rainproof burka?

Perhaps the arresting figure shown here isn’t such a mystery to you. But where is it? If you know, or think you do, Email your guesses to us, please.

Last week’s photo, we can now reveal, was of a glass-block wall from the office building at 10 Drs. Parker Boulevard, alongside the North Jersey Coast Line tracks.

Thanks and congrats to the insomniacal (if that’s a word) Jenn Woods, who shot us an Email at 3:34a last Thursday, and thus was the first reader to identify the location. This is the fourth time Jenn’s beaten all comers.

Somebody calling himself (or herself?) JohnnyStuf also got it, adding that the location was once the site of a Ballantine beer building.

We’d love to hear more about the Ballantine operation from anyone who knows.

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