Mayor Pasquale Menna officiated his first marriage ceremony Monday night shortly before the bimonthly Borough Council meeting, marrying Amilcar Chavez and Cira Carcaño of Red Bank.

Weddings before council sessions aren’t uncommon. But Menna did the honors in Spanish—the first time for a Red Bank mayor, he said afterward.

So, Mr. Mayor, will we soon see you handling another first by officiating at a civil union?

“I’d be happy to do them,” says Menna. “I’ve had other mayors calling to ask if I would do it for them, and I said, ‘With pleasure.’ “

These are mayors who want to refer gay and lesbian couples to you because they’re uncomfortable performing the ceremonies?


Care to say who?

“No. They’ve asked me if I would do them. I said, ‘I’ll do them [starting] the night they take effect.’ “

The state law allowing civil unions becomes effective at 12:01a on Monday, Feb. 19. A council meeting is scheduled for that evening.

Any takers, boys and boys? Or girls and girls?

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