We thought we’d get something fun started last month when we asked you, dear reader, for your thoughts as to Ed McKenna’s post-mayoral career.

Now we feel like the party host who’s just brought out the vacation photos.


To get the ball rolling, we suggested occupations such as No Joe’s barista; live mannequin; used-car salesman at Jim Curley Pontiac; and web entrepreneur.

Maybe it was the bustle of the holidays and year-end business, or maybe it was just a lame idea, but only three readers weighed in. And honestly, none of their suggestions bowled us over.

(We should also note that, at the McKenna sendoff at the Two River Theater Dec. 18, Tinton Falls councilman Brendan Tobin suggested McKenna become a greeter at WalMart. But as we’d already given “SuperFoodtown greeter” as a starter suggestion, that one struck us as a bit… derivative.)

That said, the redbankgreen t-shirt for the best entry goes to bfrank, who weighed in with:

The guy should be a pitchman for Gillette. He’d get some free products to help him lose the walrus look.


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