One thing Erin Visalli wanted to accomplish — and who among our readers doesn’t identify with this? — was to win a ‘Where.’ Ever since her neighbor, multiple ‘Where’ champ Jenn Woods, turned her onto redbankgreen, Erin’s wanted a piece of the action, too.

Erin’s sense of urgency was heightened recently when she and her husband starting planning a move to South Jersey so he could be nearer to a new job in Philly.

And then last week, just as she was packing up her things, a big plum of a ‘Where’ landed in her lap, digitally speaking.

Our photo showed a convex mirror attached to a brick wall, atop which sat an amber-lensed warning light. Erin recognized it immediately as the entrance/exit to the underground garage at Riverside Towers on Riverside Avenue.

The mirror enables motorists to see if pedestrians or cars are in a blind spot; it also works the other way around. Erin used it whenever she jogged past the location to be sure that there were no cars coming out of the building that might hit her.

With her quick entry, Erin was the first of ten readers to correctly (or pretty much correctly) identify the location. The others were Joe, Johnystuf, Frank D. Murphy, Bob Colmorgen, Michele, Alex Turoczi, Bernadette Jones, Ken Ameika and Lynne Kennedy. Quite a turnout.

Erin left town for the Phillyburbs last Saturday after three years here. “It has been very difficult for us to leave Red Bank,” she tells us. “We absolutely love Red Bank and hope to return.” They’re keeping their condo and renting it out for now. Hey, you never know what the magic mirror on the brick wall holds.

Meanwhile, Erin, thanks to the Internet, we’ll be here for you, bringing you news and features about life on The Green.

Now, how about this week’s image? Not too obscure, we think, though litigious types might have an edge.

Email us your guesses, please.

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