Yeah, we’re feeling a bit postcard-y this week. It may have something to do with last week’s photo, which showed a utility structure of some kind next to a cyclone fence.

Four observant readers correctly identified the building’s location: it’s at Rumson Country Club and just steps from Rumson Road.

Red Bank crossing guard and ‘Where’ devotee Carl Colmorgen tells us it’s a pump station, which sounds good to us.

Mayor Mike Halfacre of Fair Haven speculates that we grabbed the shot while caddying for Larry Rumstone; obviously, the mayor looked closely at the contents of Larry’s pockets.

Jenn Woods, who can always be counted on, also nailed it. But first in this time was multiple firster Dylan Barlett of Little Silver, who’s winding down his junior year at Lehigh University and says ‘Thanks for the dose of home.’ Happy to oblige, Dylan. But what does it say about Scranton that a drab little cinderblock outbuilding can have that effect?

This week we move from the utilitarian to the somewhat idyllic. Some readers may be surprised to learn this one’s location. Then again, maybe we’ll be swamped with correct answers, given its high visibility.

Know where it is? Answer via email, please.

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