Big, big turnout for last week’s ‘Where,’ with lots of correct responses.

Answer: Navesink River Road at the corner of Cherry Street, between the North Jersey Coast Line and Poricy Brook Pond.

The photo shows a utility pole dressed up as a candy cane and wrapped in Christmas lights. And not everybody’s a fan, it would seem.

A number of respondents noted, without admiration, that the display stays up year round. One called it “Santa’s Ugliest Holiday Decoration” and said that, after getting spruced up for the big season, it “deteriorates into a disgusting mess for the rest of the year.” Another expressed sympathy for the neighbors, and a third politely asked, “Would anyone care to take it down?”

Wow. Have we got another rusting ladder in a dead tree situation here?

Anyway, what’s most ticklish about this week’s result is who was first-in: Kathy Lou Colmorgen of Oakland Street.

With her win, Kathy Lou becomes the third Colmorgen in a row to beat the rush.

Last week, it was her brother Carl, who had a golf shop in Tampa, Fla. for 32 years and moved back to the family homestead last summer; he’s now a Red Bank school crossing guard.

The week before that it was her other brother, Bob, a retired Red Bank police officer who now lives in Eatontown and works as a Monmouth University parking lot greeter, according to Carl.

Carl reports that Kathy Lou, a fifth-grade teacher at Middletown Village School, told him early last Thursday that she knew where the picture was taken.

“She wanted me to write it in and give her the credit,” Carl told us. “I said, ‘Hell no! You do it!'”

Ah, the gallant older brother syndrome. We know it well.

We’ve had other family clusters of winners before: Mother Woods and her two daughters — including the Michael Jordan of this game, Jenn Woods — and the Dueling Steins, a married couple who seem to have given up on ‘Where’-ing, going by the long, long silence.

But this sibling three-fer is one for the books. Congratulations to Kathy Lou and thanks to all who played.

Now, this week: bizarre, huh? It’s what dear old Dad might have called “a sign for people who can’t read.” But where?

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